Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cross Post

I am cross posting this from another forum. You can figure out the subject and the positions just by reading it.

It appears to me that the straw man in the discussion is your insistence that the past sins of America must be acknowledged before we can point out the problems existing in the Muslim countries. While we flog him the female and gay killings in Iran and other countries continue.

The culture that I refer to is as much a result of Islam as ours is the result of Christianity. The religious background and content cannot be separated. I find it humorous that you want to talk about the KKK et al, but not about the result of centuries of Sharia law. And you can’t separate Sharia law and Islam. They go together.

And it is not the “reasonable Muslim” in Turkey that I am concerned about. It is the unreasonable Muslim in Turkey that bothers me. That and the fact in country after country the radical Muslims are pushing for control. Our de facto acceptance of the killings, etc., does not help the reasonable Muslim. In fact, it sends him a signal that we do not find them so terrible, so why should he put himself at risk opposing them?

You speak of women’s rights being relatively new, and that is correct. That is also all the more reason to support them. Freedoms briefly enjoyed are easier to take away.

I consider myself a social liberal, believing in the things that the Democratic Party once claimed to. Women’s rights, gay rights, equal opportunity, national health care, Israel’s right to exist, etc. Yet now I find the Democratic Party in the control of the Left, and the Left has abandoned Israel and is afraid to admit the lack of women, gay and minority rights in the Muslim countries because they think that would somehow be seen as support for the war in Iraq and Bush.

You may consider me unsophisticated. I am who I am. A ROF that has lived all over the world and observed many cultures up close. Based on what I have read from you, I consider you, and those who you flock with, to have a false understanding of the world, and a false belief in your abilities and intelligence.

In the final analysis, progress is not made by the “reasonable man,” but by the “unreasonable man.” You pontificate “be reasonable.” Don’t rock the boat. All cultures are equal. I reject that. If we are going to have a country that is based on Western culture we are going to have to demand that the Muslim immigrants become westernized. Europe has not done that and it is most likely doomed.

BUTTE, Montana --
In an Access Hollywood exclusive interview, Senator Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, along with daughters Malia, 10 and Sasha, 7 open up about rules, what it is like for friends to meet dad, communicating on the trail, potential plans for moving into the White House and more....

What I can't figure out is why anyone would want to do an interview such as this. Does anyone really care what a 10 and 7 year old thinks, and what it is like for their friends to meet their father.

And don't you think you might wait until you win before you measure the drapes? Hussein defines arrogant and Gollywood is lapping it up.

You know, the daily polls keep rolling along with Rasmussen having him 5 up with Gallup shown about even. With the tender loving press he is getting he should 12 to 15% ahead.... I just wonder if maybe he hasn't peaked and is just treading water...

Of course McCain's gotta do something besides argue over who's running the ship.


I am not surprised.

Nope, not all.

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Nineteen Los Angeles police officers face discipline over the use of batons and other force on peaceful demonstrators and journalists at an immigration rights rally last year.

Internal affairs Cmdr. Richard Webb says his department found cause to recommend discipline against the officers for their actions during the May Day rally in MacArthur Park. He presented the findings to the city's Police Commission on Tuesday.

Chief William Bratton will decide any punishments.

Officers wielding batons and firing so-called non-lethal rounds swept people from the park after a small group of agitators threw things at police.

Commission Vice President John Mack expressed concern that only those of lower rank appeared to be getting disciplined.

Why would you want police to push back at people throwing things at them?

Especially if they might be illegal aliens.

What can you say??

RANDY Michelle Palmer breached a strict ban on unmarried sex during a boozy beach romp in Dubai.

The single British businesswoman was last night facing up to six years’ jail after she was caught canoodling in public with a holiday hunk.

Authorities – under growing pressure to curb the excesses of westerners who flock to the Muslim emirate – say she will also be deported from the country where she has lived and worked for three years.

Well, I guess this puts new meaning to the old expression, "Divorce is the screwing you get for the screwing you got."

How about, "Let's get drunk and screw.....but not in Dubai."

Maybe.... "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker and gets you jail time.

And then... "If you live in a place with nutty laws, don't be surprised when they put you in jail for doing nutty things."


Carbon dixiode good for plants

Hard to believe that this is a story. I mean, we are talking ninth grade General Science stuff here.

Higher CO2 levels may be good for plants: German scientists

The dangerous rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere may be troubling scientists and world leaders but it could prove to be a boon for plants, German researchers said Tuesday.

Increasing exposure to carbon dioxide appears to boost crop yields, Hans-Joachim Weigel of the Johann Heinrich von Thuenen Institute for rural areas, forestry and fisheries in the central city of Brunswick told AFP.

Of course most reporters didn't take ninth grade General Science. All those facts and stuff....