Friday, September 5, 2008


Wanna see'em again?

Now your turn to show me yours.

Which one of you wanna join the Mile High Club??

Honest, she's stripped off all her clothes and demands to see the pilot.

No, really. They actually put food on board.

Gee Mr. Obama, do you really think Hillary would do that??

Your turn.....

Barack H. Obama is not a citizen.

That's what this Democrat from Pennsylvania says.

(Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 09/04/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States, has received confirmation from his Process Service Company that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Senator Barack Obama were served today, September 4, 2008, with the legal documents pertaining to Berg vs. Obama, Civil Action No. 08-cv-4083.


The Looney Left strikes again.

I've been trying to think of a lead in for this but I can't. Read it and see why! BTW - the writer's moniker of this piece of trash is "True Voice of Moderation."

No, really. I would not kid you.

No link yet? Ok. I'm finished waiting.

Here's what you get in return...


Aryan Nation (AN) is a White Nationalist, Neo-Nazi organization which was founded in the 1970s by Richard Girnt Butler

From the 1970s until 2001 the headquarters of the AN was in a 20 acre compound at Hayden Lake, Idaho. EIGHT MILES FROM WHERE SARAH PALIN CHOSE TO ATTEND COLLEGE. There were a number of state chapters, only loosely tied to the main organization. The group ran an annual "World Congress of Aryan Nations" at Hayden Lake for both AN adherents and other violent right-wing splinter terror groups.

In September 2000 the Southern Poverty Law Center won a $6.3 million judgment against the Aryan Nations from an Idaho jury who awarded punitive and compensatory damages to a woman and her son who were attacked by drunken Aryan Nations guards. The lawsuit stemmed from the July 1998 attack when Aryan Nations security guards in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho {WHERE SARAH PALIN CHOSE TO ATTEND COLLEGE}shot at Victoria Keenan and her son. Keennan and her son were driving near the compound when their car backfired, which the drunken guards misinterpreted as gunfire. Bullets struck their car several times, and subsequently the car crashed, after which one of the Aryan Nations guards held the Keenans at gunpoint


300 Imams to France

Just what France needs....

Three hundred entry visas have been accorded to imams to come to France and officiate during the month of ramadan. This figure was provided by a spokesman for Quai d'Orsay (the Foreign Ministry) during a meeting with the press this week. Moreover he explained that it was at the request of the Muslim community that these visas were given. He also pointed out that the imams come mainly from Algeria, Morocco and Turkey in that order.

And the solution.....

Just say no. No immigration of Moslems. No mosques. No meetings. No services. No muezzins. No minarets. No Moslem "civil rights" organizations or "charities." No protected religious status for any Moslem institution or practice. No Al-Jazeera reporters. No halal markets. No burkas. No veils. No Allah bumper stickers. No public offices. No Islamic loans. No welfare payments to support polygamy. No child brides.

Reciprocity can come later, when a total separation of Islam from the West has been effected. Then the West and Islam will be in a position to exchange goods and wisdom from a safe distance.

Now that seems simple enough.


Leave it to the British

to distill the differences down.

“One is a well turned-out, good-looking, and let's be honest, pretty sexy piece of eye-candy.

“The other kills her own food.”

Hat tip to Urgent Agenda

The slime champion - Update

On Monday I posted some of the really nasty vulgar comments that were being said/written about Palin's daughter.

You can read them here.

There were others, but I thought those were the worst of the worst, so to speak.

But I have a late entry that dives under the field and anchors the bottom position.

Wsrden - So you're into being lied to? I mean--is that something you find to be a prerequisite for political office? Or is it the hypocrisy--or do ya just like her rack?

Sorry--I like my menz because I'm not married, but I don't support a couple of cheaters with a woman who raise a daughter to be the town whore and is promising to be all up in my business--steals from the government, and is waving her damn religion in my face.

Here's one just out!

Wsrden - Track was named after Sarah's bit of honey--half the town's men folk were running it. A day at the races in Alaska involves a cabin, a bottle of whiskey, and some Al Jeareu on auto-reverse.

That's who you are dealing with, dear chums.

Wolf Blitzer and CNN Not!

Will some one tell me why?

Oklahoma Congresswoman Mary Fallin began an introduction of a video presentation about Islamist attacks on the U.S. over the past decades, host Wolf Blitzer gave a bit of a warning about the content of the video: "Let's listen to Congresswoman Mary Fallin of Oklahoma. She's going to make the case why Republicans are better in protecting us than Democrats, and that will lead into a video. It's provocative. There will be images of 9/11 and towers going down. It will raise controversy.

Why is showing images of the towers going down, "provocative?"

Listen up, Wolfie. It happened. We were attacked by Islamic radicals. They were terrorists. Nothing has changed since then Wolfie except that we have killed a bunch of them. Now repeat after me.

9/11 Bad.

Remembering it and who did it, good.

Watching dumb assses on CNN, bad.

Wolfie no longer on TV, good.