Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baseball season is over for us.

Final score was 15 to 14. It was not exactly a pitcher's battle.

Losing is never easy for people who expect to win and take the necessary steps to win. That means practice, study, practice, conditioning, study and practice some more. And even at the kids level they understand that work is required and respect another kid's effort as much as they do his results.

Baseball, like life, allows many mistakes. It is a game of averages, close calls and strategies for different situations. But ultimately there can be only one winner.

But like life, next year will come for those remaining and it will all start again. As new as the buttercups that bloom in late March and as old as the call, "Play ball!"

And as painful as tonight is, come tomorrow the good memories of a great season will wash away the sorrow and establish a bench mark for next year!

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