Sunday, April 18, 2010

When will the Jews join the Left's opposition?

Ed Kock wrote this for Israel National News.

What bothers me most of all is the shameful silence and lack of action by community leaders - Jew and Christian. Where are they? If this were a civil rights matter, the Jews would be in the mall in Washington protesting with and on behalf of our fellow American citizens. I asked one prominent Jewish leader why no one is preparing a march on Washington similar to the one in 1963 at which I was present and Martin Luther King's memorable speech was given? His reply was "Fifty people might come." Remember the 1930s? Few stood up. They were silent. Remember the most insightful statement of one of our greatest teachers, Rabbi Hillel: "If I am not for myself, who is for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?"

We have indeed stood up for everyone else. When will we stand up for our brothers and sisters living in the Jewish state of Israel?

First Hillary discovered that race trumps gender and now we see that the Jews are discovering that their race is of no consideration to the Leftie they helped, in large numbers, elect.

This might be forgivable if the Left's love for Palestine and Muslims in general had not been plain to see for the past 10 years or so and became plainer and plainer as the years went by. Simply put, the Left hates America so anyone who loves America is an enemy.

A better question is, when will the Jews step forward and join with the Left's opposition? Or will the Jews, as so many did in pre war Germany, keep telling themselves that "nothing will happen?"

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There are no crazies here

Naturally, the hyperventilating and demonization of these crackpots who carry around copies of the Constitution and babble about the 10th Amendment will continue unabated. It is, perhaps, as much a matter of a cultural divergence as it is an ideological disagreement. Yet, once again, the evidence demonstrates that by the very definition of the word, the tea party is less "radical" than are the elected officials busy transforming the nation.

Or, as one sign succinctly put it: "There are no crazies here. They are all in Washington, D.C."

No kidding!!!!

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They are a terrorist organization so we must give them money for spying on them??

This really should be filed under "I couldn't make this up."

The government in 2004 was intercepting the telephone communications of lawyers Wendell Belew and Asim Ghafoor. They were counsel to a Saudi charity, the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, which the government has declared a terror organization.

The lawyers are seeking $204,000 each, in addition to $204,000 for the charity, whose U.S. assets are frozen because of its terror designation. Judge Walker did not immediately rule on the request.

So we now have a claim on the purse of the people to give money to an organization that has been declared a terrorist organization.

Something about this seems totally distorted. If the organization is a terrorist organization we, as a country and a society, would be totally stupid to give it anything.

And while the lawyers involved, apparently, were involved in the designation litigation only, it would appear to me that their claim is moot because:

Under Bush’s so-called Terrorist Surveillance Program, which The New York Times disclosed in December 2005, the NSA was eavesdropping on Americans’ telephone calls without warrants if the government believed the person on the other line was overseas and associated with terrorism. Congress, with the vote of Barack Obama — who was a U.S. senator from Illinois at the time — subsequently authorized such warrantless spying in the summer of 2008.

So if the government forgave itself and the telephone companies, how can it be guilty of anything?

Now I realize that I am not a lawyer and I am not arguing law and undoubtedly can be shown to be legally incorrect in numerous ways.

But common sense has to come into play sooner or later. And things like this is the root cause of Tea Parties and the sudden rise of citizens saying, "Not only NO, but HELL NO!"

I mean enough is enough is enough.

And of course we have a Democrat and the New York Times (What else?) to blame.

Nearly a dozen current and former officials, who were granted anonymity because of the classified nature of the program, discussed it with reporters for The New York Times because of their concerns about the operation's legality and oversight.

According to those officials and others, reservations about aspects of the program have also been expressed by Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, the West Virginia Democrat who is the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and a judge presiding over a secret court that oversees intelligence matters. Some of the questions about the agency's new powers led the administration to temporarily suspend the operation last year and impose more restrictions, the officials said.

NYT Link

Hat tip to TalkLeft where I partially posted the above.

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