Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To tired to rumble

I have spent the better part of the day picking up limbs and debris from the global warming snow storm we had last weekend. I do wish Pope Algore would tell the weather to act like it is supposed to.

Still to go is the chain saw work of finishing taking down a huge beautiful cedar that must have been a 100 years old and some major removal of limbs that are broken and hanging. I feel like I'm a Civil War surgeon loping of the torn to save the good.

The cedar had a rotten spot about 30 feet up and split and broke there. Rot does that to the heart. Of trees, men and nations.

The snow was beautiful in its destruction, as pure white as the consciences of the Left and the claims of the Left's leaders. Looking fluffy and carefree it was actually heavy and wet that first broke and took down the smaller stuff then covered it over so that it couldn't be seen. We have done that with a generation of education that mocked and scorned our values and now we wonder how Hussein was elected?

Simple. By idiots. But we let them be created.

Hussein and his minions have decided that since Bush is gone, but not unblamed, that they must have a new enemy. They have chosen The Big Guy. Today he offered to meet with Hussein. Limbaugh should have known better. Hussein will meet only with people who threaten Israel, the US and western civilization in general.

Have we ever elected a less prepared and over educated person? He is making Carter look clever, a daunting task in itself. But he has hired a bunch of underlings that are so openly intent on destroying our society to be unbelievable. Yet they are.

Enough. Time for some Stoly or maybe VO. I think I shall dream of old men, old countries and rotted limbs.

Back handed slaps

Did you ever notice that even when the Lame Stream Media takes a slap at Hussien that can't resist a jab at the Repubs?

I swear it is in their genes.