Monday, February 13, 2012

A poker ahole

We have all seen this guy. 

You've picked up an AK suited in position 4. Positions 2 and 3 have folded and you raise. Positions 5 and 6 fold and 7 calls. Positions 8 and 9 folds and 10 calls.

So far, so good.

The flop comes J 8 4. You decide you have the best hand and bet. Position 7 hesitates and finally calls. Position 10 also hesitates and then calls.

The turn pairs the board and you now see J J 8 4.

Not very encouraging, but you reason that if position 7 or 10 had a Jack they would have raised so you bet.

Again position 7 hesitates and then calls followed by position 10 doing the same.

A 3 comes on the river. Again you consider the lack of raise and the hesitation of the calls. So you bet.

Now comes the fun part.

Position 7 looks at his cards. He figets in his seat. He scratches his head, looking over at position 10.

And position 10 has picked his cards up holding them in the classic "toss into the muck" and fold grip.

Position 7 waits.

Position 10 starts to muck his hand then stops.

Position 7 calls. Position 10 folds.

And you turn over the AK and position 7 shows a T 4 and you lose.

Now you know and position 7 knows he wouldn't have called if position 10 hadn't showed the world he was folding.

You wish, briefly, you had a six gun in your holster so you could shoot position 10 secure in the knowledge that if the jury had only 1 poker player in it you would walk free.

But you don't have a weapon. So you settle for "ass hole" under your breath.

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