Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bits and pieces

The garden is complete with nothing left to pick, freeze, can or dry so I treated myself to a road trip out to Los Angeles via Delta Northwest, soon to be Delta and those folks who couldn’t find Minneapolis.

Wow. The situation has to be that Delta isn’t going to need as many pilots as Delta Northwest did so I almost feel sorry for the two soon to be ex-pilots. But I gotta wonder where the rest of the crew was. Didn’t any of the Flight Attendants get a little curious when they just kept flying and flying and flying…?? Looks like I’m gonna get me a lap top with a GPS display program.

“Uh, Pilot from Navigator. We are either on top of Memphis or New Orleans. No dimwit, I can’t see the ocean, the cloud cover is too thick.”

Which is a take off from the old Bob Newhart bit in which he plays the navigator on one of our new atomic Boomers. The punch line is:

“When we surface we will be just off the coast of New York….or Rio de Janerio….”

(Look at a globe.)

The scary part is that they overflew Minneapolis, ignored ATC and a military aircraft was never launched. Think about it.

Anyway my flights were delightful, but then First Class always is. The wine was fine and we were on time coming and going and it only took me two hours and twenty minutes to get from LAX to Norwalk, a distance of some 20 – 25 miles. And I believe that was a personal record.

But the trip was great. Met up with some old friends and did a bit of people watching. California always reminds me of an ant hill that has been dug up. Everyone is always busy running every which way but no one knows why.

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