Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time to catch up........

The summer garden, except for the Okra, is history. The candy plants just keep on producing and will until a killing frost arrives around 11/1 although the quantity will slowly drop.

The squash, both crook neck and patty pan, did well as did the bell peppers and tomatoes. The cabbage was outstanding in slaw and as well as cooked with salt pork and new potatoes. Still have some peppers, onions and squash in the fridge. The cucumbers did okay, but it wasn't really a bumper crop. Too hot? Don't know.

On 8/1 dug up the garden and planted for fall. Squash, cucumbers and beans. Turnips next week. Everything is up and growing like crazy. Chopped it out today and fertilized. The iffy part is if they will mature and allow a bountiful harvest before the first frost. You never know.

Chain sawing continues but only one is left that I am doing.

This one is going to take a front loader to get rid of the stump.

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