Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life gets tedious- Churchill and stuff

Ducky asks, "How come we get to chose from just two people to run for president but over 50 for Miss America?"

It has rained and stormed for 5 out of the last 6 days. I sure wish that Global Warming would get here....

I think I am suffering from overload. So much to be shocked and outraged about and so little time.

Some good news? Well, maybe funny news. In case you missed it Old Changeable Specter didn't get a lot for his sell out. He is now the JUNIOR Senator, having lost all seniority when he became a Dimicrat.... Specter.... Specter... Spectre.

Bond. James Bond. Shaken not stirred.

Maybe I should show another cat picture, or dog picture....

More funny news? Silicon Valley is all upset at Obamie for changing the way they have been avoiding taxes. Speaking of getting what you deserve..

Preview of what's to come to the US when the hate crime laws are in place?

Michael Savage is barred from going to England because his words provoke....that old free speech gets'm every time.

Some good news?? The market is all the way back to 8500 and the Lefties are crowing like it never fell from 14000 after they took over Congress... and gasoline just cracked $2.00.... The Left never learns.

Feel good stuff... Just rejected a comment from Weeder Gander. Decided to take Ducky's advice...

Serious time? Well, remember last week and Obamie screwed up what Churchill did re terror?? Well, here's a bit more...

PRESIDENT Obama's forays into history, especially Eu ropean history, are interest ing but not always accurate. Who can forget his description during the presidential campaign of African-American GIs liberating Auschwitz? (It was the Russians.) Or his admission during his recent European trip that he didn't know how to translate a certain word into Austrian? (There is no "Austrian"; Austrians speak German.)

His evocation of Winston Churchill in his press conference last Wednesday took confusion to a new height. The president cited the great British prime minister in support of his ban on enhanced interrogation techniques at Gitmo and elsewhere, noting that Churchill never allowed torture of German detainees in World War II "even when London was being bombed to smithereens."

Apparently, Obama got his new, sunny view of Churchill not from reading the Churchill biography that Prime Minster Gordon Brown gave him last month but from Andrew Sullivan's blog. Maybe we should be grateful to Sullivan and Obama for their confusion, however, because Churchill's actual position on what is morally permitted against a nation's enemies illuminates much more about the relationship between torture and civilization than their fictitious version.

Churchill recognized that torture -- the cruel, needless infliction of pain as a means of domination and control of others -- was emblematic of man's barbarism, as opposed to the values of what he called "Christian civilization." It was precisely this barbarism that he saw in the Nazi death camps and the Soviet gulag -- and that we see among the Muslim fanatics who will stone women to death for refusing to wear the veil or behead reporters.

But Churchill also understood that, if barbarism was one enemy of civilization, another was a moral cowardice disguised as moral qualms -- an instinctive flinching in the face of danger, dressed up as "upholding our values."

Churchill had seen this flinching in such 1930s appeasers as Neville Chamberlain, and he feared that he'd see it again among Britons and their leaders after the war.

Link to the article by Arthur Herman

There is a reason I call Obamie, Obamie. Remember Jackie is the diminutive of Jack.

There is a question that I keep asking the Lefties... If my side is right and your side is wrong, will you accept moral responsibility for all the deaths and injuries?

The silence is so very loud and clear. The poor dears are afraid to be harsh to our enemies and afraid to take what will come if they do not. What a dog's life they lead; pandering to every bit of PC nonsense and denying what their eyes must show them!

Life thoughts from Ducky

Never argue with an idiot.....people might not be able tell who's who.

Hat tip to Jimmy M.

That's one I need to work on!