Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hamas likes Hussein

On last night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, McCain said "a spokesperson from Hamas said they wanted Sen. Obama. ... It's indicative of how some of our enemies view America. I guarantee you they're not going to endorse me."

Okay. Now what does Hussein say?

Specifically, says Obama, it is "offensive, and I think it's disappointing" for McCain to say that Hamas would prefer that Obama be elected in November.

"John McCain always says 'I am not going to run that kind of politics,' and to engage in that kind of smear is unfortunate, particularly because my policy toward Hamas has been no different than his," Obama tells Wolf Blitzer.

Uh, I agree. It is offensive to have the man leading in the Demo Presidential nomination campaign to have projected such an image that Hamas would prefer to do business with him. That Hussein fails to recognizes that, if he actually does fail to do so, speaks volumes about who and what he is.

Link to USA Today.

Bits and pieces

It was rainy and miserable all morning, but the sun came out this PM and the day turned lush and beautiful. Oh thank you Pope Algoree, thank you for the global warming. It's been a fun day just watching the Demos stagger around in circles. Some have finally figured out that Hussein is gonna take home the nomination but can't win the grand prize.

If ever a party is getting its just deserts, the Demos are doing so now....

And how did Wolfson restrain himself after this:

When Wolfson repeated his argument that Hillary could capture West Virginia, Cuomo helpfully suggested, "And what a great contribution that might be for a vice presidential candidate." Earlier in the segment, the ABC anchor, who is the son of former New York Democratic Governor Mario Cuomo and brother to the state's current Democratic attorney general, insisted, " Why isn't this the time to get out?" An ABC graphic, just below Cuomo, reiterated, "Clinton Hangs On: How Can She Remain in Race?"

I would have had to ask: "Chris, is this an interview or are you just pimping for Obama??"

I will say this. It is ancient lore than when you attack a King you must kill him. If Hillary does survive and if she does win the nomination there are a bunch of MSM types who had best give their hearts to God because their assess belong to Hill and Bill.

Stephen King lips off

As Daffydd over at Big Lizards reminds us, the elitists of the Left rest not, and neither do they stop. The latest example being Stephen King, he of the Gothic horror novel who has, in a Kerry like moment, told the children to learn to read less they be forced into a life of shame in the US military.

And then when called on it, he draws himself up and complains that his patriotism is being called into question. Well, yes. And may I say that King is more perceptive than his latest literary works demonstrate........

I have given up trying to understand why such people as King, the Dixie Chicks and the various Gollywood Swellheads don't understand that if they attack the President, criticize the country and act in a generally dumb manner, people will say nasty things about them.

I have also given up trying to understand why people continue to use the products that have made the Chicks, et al, rich and famous. Just say no seems to be a simple and effective response. Perhaps a return to flying coach and buying the low priced spread will effectively remind them that they exist because of "us." And having made them, we can also unmake them.