Friday, June 19, 2009

Global warming fake information

WUWT readers will probably remember yesterdays’ story about the malfunctioning temperature sensor at the ASOS station at Honolulu airport next to an asphalt access road. Well guess what? Even though NOAA admits the sensor is in error by as much as 2degrees, they are going to keep the data and the string of new high temperature records. “BUT” they fixed the recent record rainfall data from the same station. See below. How’s that for science? Fix one broken record due to faulty equipment but leave others?

Last February it was discovered that the man made GW fanatics had "missed" the formation of new Artic ice that raised the ice amount to the levels observed in 1979.

Now we have this. Proving again that "Figures don't like but liars can figure."

Link to source article.

BTW - Even if the probe was repaired, do you think that the fact that it is located very close to an asphalt road and about 10 feet from an air conditioner exhaust might give higher than actual temperature readings?