Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just don't

One of the other topics covered by Nancy P and the Slower Ones in the Austin pandering, was this:

Asked if she would redirect money from abstinence-only programs to sex education, Ms. Pelosi said, “Yes,” adding that the current program “caters to a radical right-wing view.”

The truth be known, neither works. No program of "just don't," or "don't forget your birth control" will work as long as society just accepts the actions, and the results. The results being unwed mothers and skyrocketing STD numbers. Societal pressure must be brought on the children involved.

It also must be brought on the Gollywood slimes who mouth about how a man isn't needed to raise a child and Oprah should receive relentless pressure to scream don't have sex. Don't get pregnant.

And the man who impregnates a woman must marry or support. DNA testing should be used to identify the Daddy and when they don't, put them in jail.

Now that sounds terrible, but go back to the 50's. Trust me, sex was just as important then as now, but both the girl and the boy felt a huge amount of pressure to not have a baby.

In the final analysis, this is hard on the individual, but so is the punishment for all societal rejected actions.

That's how a society maintains its norms. Not by arguing over how to prevent it.

But this the smartest man in the world

and yet he has confirmed that he will speak in front of the infamous Victory Column in Berlin:

The monument was originally planned to commemorate Prussia’s victory over Denmark in 1864, but with the defeats of Austria in 1866 and France in 1870-71 following in such rapid succession, it ended up celebrating those victories, and the founding of the German empire in 1871, as well.

The Victory Column was built between 1865 and 1873. It was moved to its present location by the Nazi government in 1938-39 as part of the plan supervised by the regime’s chief architect, Albert Speer, to rebuild the German capital.

Now here's a guy who wants no preconditions on discussions with our enemies, but who doesn't mind pissing off Israel and the Jews. Of course it is a nice sop to the radical Muslims who share Hitlers hatred of the Jews as well as other Jew haters in Europe, Germany and the world.

Do we want a candidate for President speaking in front of such symbol?

Gagging maggots

The so-called net roots of the so called Democrat party.... actually its name is "The Know Nothings" met in Austin.

First let me be transparent. I hate Austin if for no other reason than I once lost a bet with my boss about the location of the Colorado river....and I spent months there a few years ago raising money and then watching a friend spin out of control.... but we now have this:

He repeated the challenge he issued to the country on Thursday to produce 100 percent of its electricity from renewable energy and clean, carbon-free sources within 10 years. And he called on the bloggers to help achieve that goal, saying they were on the leading edge of reclaiming democracy for the grass roots.

"He" was, of course, was Pope Algore. He of stupidity worshipped and tall tales.

Mr. Gore, later answering questions from the audience, said he would not accept a role in the next administration. The best use of his talent and experience, he said, is “to focus on trying to enlarge the political space” within which politicians can address the climate crisis.

Uh, PopeEEEE.... First Hussein has to win... And then you have to be asked. And just in case the American people are as stupid as they act sometime and elect his Holiness of Chicago, there is no way he will share the spotlight with another wacked out politician dummy who can't spell science but who now makes forecasts..

When Mr. Gore addressed the group, he noted first that the polar ice cap, which is about the size of the continental United States and has been in existence for three million years, had a 75 percent to 80 percent chance of melting in five years.

Is this his third or tenth forecast?? And if he is right, can anyone tell me why I should give a flip?

And then we had the always present BDS comments.

Ms. Cooper asked Ms. Pelosi whether Mr. Rove, if found in contempt of Congress, would be put “in that little jail cell that’s in the basement of the House.” The audience cheered. Ms. Pelosi replied that Representative John Conyers Jr., the Michigan Democrat who is chairman of the Judiciary Committee, had told her, “Leave it up to me.”

Ah yes John, your District is in such wonderful shape you have all the time in the world to engage in political vendettas...

You know, I'm not the greatest fan of Glen Beck, but maybe he's right. Maybe we should get out the pitchforks.

Here we have the country literally diving into a Democrat induced depression and you have the Speaker of the House who promised us cheap gasoline engaging in nothing but utter BS.

There. Now do you understand the title of the post??


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