Monday, July 20, 2009

A non-defense of the Left.

harrogate wants to argue. Problem is, he has no weapons.

It is absolutely ridiculous to assert that the American "Left" (by which you mean Democratic politicians?) supports Sharia Law. Maybe what rankles you is that they are not salivating at the mouth to go start more wars in the Middle East.

I gave you three examples. I will pass on number one, although I think the Left's hatred of America is self demonstrating. But show me by examples of support for Israel that the Left doesn't hate Israel. And then explain the various speech codes and proposed hate laws.

BTW: how do you explain the Right's continuing agitation to eliminate abortion rights in this country? The fight to criminalize abortion (oh and by the way they are not happy with contraception either) does not put the American Right on the level of Sharia cleric, but it sure doesn't make them champions of women's rights, now does it?

Seeing as how I oppose abortion but support a woman's right to choose, you will have to argue with someone else. But comparing political disagreements that aren't going to come to pass to stoning and honor killing demonstrates how desperate you are.

Oh. And what about their strident opposition to gay rights in this country? Remember, it was only in 2003 that the Supremes handed down the ruling that banned homosexuality's outright criminalization. A tour of the Right's syndicated columnists will show that they are still mad about it.

Again you bark up the wrong tree. I believe in the rights of Gays and frankly don't care who they marry. I would just say, provide some links, and I note that opposing gay marriage is not the same as hanging gays.

So I ask again. Where is the outrage over what the radical Muslims are doing? It just isn't there.

And that tells it all.

Why the Left won't support gay and female rights in Islamic countries

Isn't it amazing how the Left, the very group that claims to be for gay and female rights, is always in the forefront of pimping for the radical Muslims and Sharia law. People that stone females and hang gays...

Why is that??

My theory is simple.

First, the radical Muslims hate America. So does the typical Leftie.

Secondly, the radical Muslims hate Israel. So does the typical Leftie.

Thirdly, the radical Muslims believe in a theocratic type of government that dictates every action of their citizens. So does the typical Leftie.

Birds of a feather?

An enemy of my enemy is my friend type of thing?