Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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This is straight out of the 18th century

except it's Denmark in June, 2008.

The summer months are a big time for new hymens. Young immigrant girls want particularly now to hide evidence of missing innocence, before they get the wedding ring, says gynecologist Christine Feldig, who has a private clinic in northern Zealand.

"We have a boom at the moment. It's always like this in May, June and July. We do about two to three pieces a week just now. It's marriage time." The rest of the year she does about 2-3 hymens a month.

Leif Randeris, head of the immigration council in Aarhus, also says that many girls go for a virginity operation at this time, before they get married abroad.

Randeris and Felding agree that the 18-20 year old girls who choose to do a hymen reconstruction are often well educated and well integrated. But the reconstructed hymen doesn't necessary solve the girls' problems, Randeris thinks, who frequently sees the same girls again when the marriage breaks down.

Perhaps we can get Pelosi to fly over to the ME and straighten them out.

And where is Cindy Sheehan when you really need some diplomacy.

Hardly a comforting number..

Britain's two million Muslims have been in the eye of the storm since the terrorist attacks on London underground system in 2005.

The sizable minority has vehemently condemned all terrorist attacks and offered full cooperation with police.

A recent Populus survey found a whooping 98 percent of British Muslims would feel shame if a family member decided to join Al-Qaeda.

That leaves 2%, or 4,000 Muslims that would not feel shame.

But who's keeping score?

So you thought Europe was safer

than say, NYC? Well, I remember Brussels when you could wander anywhere and have no fear. But since the influx of immigrants, many from North Africa and many who are Muslim, it appears that is no longer the case.

What this article details is a current rape, and then moves to an article from 2005, three years ago, that proves the situation is getting worse.

A few lowlights:

A 21 year old woman was pushed against an ATM machine in the Brussels South station by two young men and raped last week. According to the victim, at least three travelers passed by, but nobody tried to help her.

In a number of neighborhoods in Brussels there are less and less women on the street. Muslim girls are troubled if they don't wear a headscarf. Ethnic Belgian women are jeered at and called whores if they dare show a piece of naked belly. "An atmosphere of intolerance prevails. Ethnic Belgian women tel me that they wear a scarf because then they aren't bothered any more."

One of the most puzzling facts about the Left, to me, is the acceptance of the loss of women's rights that Islam brings with it.

I think we need to start thinking very hard about what larger Muslim populations will bring. And see if we really want that. Perhaps it is time to close the door.