Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama laughs as the speaker rips Limbaugh

Watch the video. Listen to this spewer of hate make Obamie and his minions at the White House Correspondents dinner laugh at her attacks on Limbaugh because he has the nerve to say that he wants Obamie's policies to fail.

Watch it closely. See the vitriol and the elitist laughter as she claims that Limbaugh is unpatriotic and must have been the 20th highjacker... Watch Obamie smile, not having the decency to frown his displeasure over such divisive and hate filled speech.


Long ago I learned from my Father that you can tell more about a person by what they think is funny than what they ever will tell you. These people cannot tolerate opposition and criticism. Competition is bad, no matter how great freedom and competition has made us. This is a group of people that hate America and their leader is Obamie and he is most pleased to be there.

At a time when most administrations are trying to develop consensus Obamie is pissing on our shoes. He feels secure in the warm glow of the social journalists who no longer report for fear of being pushed away from the Greatness.

There will come a time in which the country will wake up. The Left will get what they have given and the media will cry that we must listen to them and not practice partisanship. I have a simple statement I hope to live long enough to use. It starts with an F and ends with a u.

(Portions of the above also posted in The Tennessean.)

Hat tip to Claudia for "social journalists." It describes them so very well.