Saturday, December 22, 2007

So you think you have a deer stand?

Maybe a place to just get away from it all?

I am green with envy!

And a thanks to Dave for the picture.

An illegal alien lesson

Took a few days off.. I did… waited patiently for the delivery trucks to bring me my purchases. Now I have it all complete and stacked in the corner, waiting to be wrapped. Hohoho. I have long believed that Christmas should be reserved for children and the ACLU… I mean they do need something to do.

So in the spirit of Christmas I suggested side dishes of salsa and chips for the snacks on Christmas eve, and huevos rancheros for Christmas morning breakfast. My wife, who doesn’t have to be obeyed but you will wish you had if you didn’t, nixed it immediately.

“If you want chips just look at your stomach,” she said with an devilish smile. “And if I want anything Mexican I’ll just go out to WalMart and watch the Mexicans buy stuff made in China using US dollars…”

Actually she didn’t say that. I think it went something like, “You must be kidding me.” or words to that effect.

But if she didn’t I am sure that’s what she meant, because that gives us a perfect look at capitalism, fair trade and why lettuce is $1.58 per sorry looking head.

And it is hard to not admire the Mexicans you see shopping. In most cases they are as a family group, the children are scrubbed and polite, all in all they remind me of my family shopping at U-Tote-Em 60 years ago. Good folks, just trying to help themselves.

The problem is, about 13,000,000 are illegal aliens. That’s not a few people trying to make a better life, but an invasion. They increasingly live in ghettos, read Spanish newspapers, listen to Spanish radio, watch Spanish TV and are being taught that the US stole the southwest from Mexico. Their children go to schools were they are taught in Spanish and their babies are called “anchor babies” because they give the parents an almost automatic green card and citizenship path. The children also get a Medicaid card and the free treatment that comes with that.

They mostly are here to make money, of which they send a large part back to Mexico rather put it into the local economy, and worse, they are being told by politicians they can vote.

If an election can turn on a sentence, this could be the one: “You don't need papers for voting.”
On Thursday night, Francine Busby, the Democratic candidate for the 50th Congressional District, was speaking before a largely Latino crowd in Escondido when she uttered those words. She said yesterday she simply misspoke.

Link San Diego

And if you complain about any of this you are told that you are a heartless bigot who wants America to remain America.

You are also told that they don’t cost anything because they contribute more to the economy than they cost. In fact, the Udall Report claims that in Arizona they contribute almost a billion dollars more.

Link Udall Report

The problem is that this isn’t true.

Jobs exist separately from the nationality of the employee.

If an illegal alien is not there to take the job it will be taken by a legal worker. And the legal worker will pay FIT and FICA and buy auto insurance, and do all the other things that legal citizens do.

Will the employer have to pay more for the labor and provide better working conditions? In many cases, yes. And that, as our fathers who belonged to unions and demanded such things, is a good thing.

So when someone tells you that the illegal aliens are “good” for the economy, just ask them how many jobs they brought with them.