Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thursday

The okra continues to shine. All the cool wet weather.. global warming you know... has brought forth a plethora of new blooms and the plants are 10 plus feet tall.

I shall declare myself King Okra and have an Okra Festival... if I can find the wine.

In less important things Obamie has decided to give the Russians what they want and back down from the plan to put an intercontinental missile defense in Poland against Iran. Their reasoning is that Iran is running behind their estimates so what we need is a defense against short and medium range missiles to protect our forces in Europe.

Uh, noble thought but it is the capability of Iran to hit the US that worries most of us. If we get hit in Europe we have time to react... from the US... without a million dead..

I also note that the Dark Avenger has been unable to obtain a globe and see the trajectory of missiles from Iran coming over the polar regions to the US. He has become frustrated with my repeated advice that I trust scientists more than him.

He has linked to Tall Cotton in TalkLeft to prove that I am not sarcastic and that I intensely dislike Obamie.

You think I been thrown in the briar patch??

I feel further chastised by just knowing that Lyin' Nancy has called us all down for complaints about taxes, illegal aliens, a goofed up attempt at improving health care and Obamie supporting ACRON while shutting down all attempts at new energy sources....

Of course Nancy has a chunk of stock in windmills but that doesn't mean she would favor them over your local service station.

Really. Honestly.

In the meantime both the House and the Senate have voted to defund ACRON.

Anybody want to bet me that this bill never, never, never, never hits Obamie's desk?