Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where do we get such people as Susan Crawford?

That question used to be reserved for heroes. I now use it for Susan Crawford, a person so confused over the issues that she has decided not prosecute a terrorist because:

"We tortured [Mohammed al-]Qahtani," said Susan J. Crawford, in her first interview since being named convening authority of military commissions by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates in February 2007. "His treatment met the legal definition of torture. And that's why I did not refer the case" for prosecution.

Listen to these terrible things that were done to him.

....interrogating him with techniques that included sustained isolation, sleep deprivation, nudity and prolonged exposure to cold, leaving him in a "life-threatening condition."

I would love to have a chat with her. The first thing I would say is:

"Susan. Torture is having to decide whether you want to burn to death in an office building or jump to your death."

Where do we get these people? I pray that we find out and send them back. The country cannot afford them.


I am sure the Obama adminsitration will find a place for her.

Will Smith does propaganda for Obama

Hollywood film star Will Smith has staked his claim to play Barack Obama in a movie about his rise to become US President and America’s first black leader."

Don't you think it would be better to wait and see what he does before a movie is made? Making a movie now strikes me as pure propaganda.

And it is in the same vein as this. Link

Obama is not going to take over the country.

The country is going to give itself to Obama.

And isn't that always a dictator's path to power?

Israel attacks UN enclave

I wonder why??


Weapons found in Mosque.
Hat tip to Larry P.

Waxman wants to pass GW law....

Stuff you couldn't make up, yet it's true.

WASHINGTON – The chairman of a key House committee says he wants to pass a climate change bill before Memorial Day.

California Rep. Henry Waxman said Thursday the environment and U.S. economy depend on congressional action to confront the threat of climate change. Waxman, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, spoke as he opened Congress' first hearing on climate legislation.


That ranks right up there with Barney Frank telling us last July that Fannie and Freddie were okay on going...

These people have no shame....

Wicked: Coldest Temps In Over A Decade
First Day With A Low Colder Than -10 In Chicago Since 1999


But if you want to find dumb in copious quantities.... visit the districts that elected this pair of know nothings... Now that is dumb.

In the meantime we have the following.

Here’s what you need to know: if an increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) is directly related, i.e. causes changes in the Earth’s temperature, there would be a direct correlation between the two. As CO2 rose, we would see a comparable rise in the Earth’s temperature. This correlation does not exist.

Global warming liars, however, insist that CO2 builds up on the atmosphere over a 50 to 250 year period, but this is untrue. “Every year around April, increased CO2 absorption by plants in the Northern Hemisphere starts reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere,” notes Ashworth, “and the reduction continues until around mid-to-late August when plants start to go dormant.”

If you want to see the chart that shows CO2 lagging temperature increases, go this source and then click on the "paper on CO2 written by" Robert Ashworth link.

And it shows a simple truth. If CO2 causes global warming, the build up would occur before the warming. It doesn't.

Game. Set. Match. And would the stupid people please leave the stands? The clean up crew needs to clean up the mess you have made before it kills us all.