Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dutch leave western civilization

You didn't see this on your TV."

The Dutch authorities have arrested the cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot (a pseudonym. Nekschot means deathblow, litt: “shot in the back of the neck” [An interview with Nekschot here]). The judicial authorities in Amsterdam said yesterday that the cartoonist was arrested as a suspect for the criminal offense of “publishing cartoons which are discriminating for Muslims and people with dark skin.”

What a shame that a once great people, people who fought the huge Spainish empire to a draw... have given in to Sharia Law.

As spokeswoman of Xtra, Nekschot’s publisher, said today: “He was arrested with a great show of force, by around 10 policemen.” The spokeswoman asked that her name not be used because the cartoonist and publisher have received death threats. Nekschot told the Dutch newspaper Het Parool today that police officers had told him: “What you draw is worse than what they did in Denmark. Do you realize what can happen to you if your identity gets known?” The cartoonist fears for his live if he is being sent to jail. “As the maker of those cartoons my life is in danger in prison,” he said.

Pew Poll - Suicide bombers

WASHINGTON – One in four younger U.S. Muslims said in a poll that suicide bombings to defend their religion are acceptable at least in some circumstances, though most Muslim Americans overwhelmingly reject the tactic and are critical of Islamic extremism and al-Qaeda.

I am hopeful there is a fair amount of bravado in the results,but given the planned attacks on Fort Dix and the attacks in England and Scotland by native Muslims, I must admit that I just don't know.

The issue sweeps across religious lines and cultural lines. I think assimilation is hampered by several key issues.

In the past the immigrants had no effective means of keeping in touch with friends and families in the old country. Mail was slow and uncertain and telephone was expensive. Now we have the Internet and very cheap voice communications.

There wasn't a lot of "culture" from the old country. Sure there would be a local newspaper in the native tongue and the "church." But now we have multiple newspapers, radio stations and TV networks.

There was no bi-lingual education. The student was taught in English and pushed by society to speak/write English. To not do so was unacceptable and looked down on.
Now we have bi-lingual education and the norm has become that we must be bi-lingual.
That may be a good thing where there is no push to assimilate a smaller group into a larger, but it sends the wrong message when the goal is assimilation.

The "churches" pushed religion, and not politics. That is no longer true. See the Rev Wright and Farrakhan for two of the less, BION radical examples. See the statements made by many Islamic Imams for more drastic examples.

So we have an existing culture that does not seek to dominate the new arrivals. That is a formula for creating a group of people who are ambivalent about who they should support, and who are ripe to be controlled by installing a false sense of shame in their good fortune and demands they react to perceived attacks on their "real" religion and culture.

To further complicate the issue, Islam has a very rigid set of laws, Sharia laws, that are entwined and part of the belief system.

Islam does not have a "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" directive or component.

Because of this, at some point, Islam will have to reform and totally accept secular law, or it will need to be looked as a political program instead of a religion. To do otherwise will further impress many that western civilization is weak.

Power abhors weakness and will always rush into take its place.

Illegal aliens in Postville, Iowa

"I like my job. I like my work. I like it here in Iowa," said Escobedo, 38, an illegal immigrant from Yescas, Mexico, who has raised his three children for 11 years in Postville. "Are they mad because I'm working?"

Well yes. Yes I am.

I am angry because you broke our laws and entered the country illegally.

I am angry because you took a job, most likely at a lower price and with worse working conditions, than a US citizen would. And because of that you have depressed the wages and worsened the working conditions of millions of US citizens.

I am angry because you, after doing the above, want to complain about being caught.

I am angry because you don't seem to understand any of the above.

I am also angry at our government letting your employer get away with hiring you, and not severely punishing them.

I am also angry at the state and local government who had to have known the situation, doing nothing.

I am happy when I read this:

At St. Bridget's Catholic Church, Eduardo Santos, 27, who came from Guatemala and lost two of his fingers working at the factory, said the raid was "fair . . . but it's bad for everybody. There's no work." He plans to go home.

I am disgusted when I see the article's author, Spencer S. Hsu, bring in a irrelevant point... the loss of Santos' fingers in an attempt to slant the story. Hsu's bias becomes obvious.

Freedom of speech

This is an interview on Danish TV. I picked it up from Gates of Vienna.

The TV announcers do not speak English. Those being interviewed do. Watch the whole thing. It isn't an easy watch but it comes from a place that the Muslims are currently over running. Listen to what is said. Especially by the "ordinary citizens" who note that they must now be careful what they say.

The issue now is freedom of speech. The next will be freedom of religion. The next will be separation of church and state. The next will be state sponsored schools that teach Islam, although we have seen that already in San Diegi and Minneapolis/St Paul. The next will be the right for Muslims to not follow secular laws if secular laws violate Sharia law. See the Minneapolis airport cab drivers refusing ton carry dogs and people with alcohol.

Now is the time to speak out.

Link to Gates of Vienna. Check it out.