Thursday, January 17, 2008

Every Repub I have ever known

likes to invoke the name of Ronald Regan. Now, as Jimmy Durante used to say,
"Everybody wants to get in the act..."

And that includes Barack Hussein Obama, who explains that, like we were in 1980, we are ready for change, and that he can make that happen.

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Yes, he can by doing what he wants to do, which is surrender in Iraq and in the WOT.

I wish I could look this guy straight in the eye, if he can actually hold his eyes steady, and ask a simple question or two.

Hussein ole buddy, you are a Senator. A US Senator. And we have a war going on. Do you think you could something positive?? Like say, wearing a US Flag lapel pin?? Now I know you probably think the UN should run the country, and I know you probably cross the street before you walk by a military recruiting station... But don't you think that wearing a flag pin might just be the thing to do?? Or are you too good for the country?? Why are you ashamed to wear one??

Did you ever hear of Iowa Jima, ole chap? Pearl Harbor? Gettysburg? Cemetery Ridge? D Day??

Those battles were fought under the flag you won't even acknowledge by putting a small pin on your suit lapel.

"And you want to change??? Change to what, Hussein??

Inquiring minds want to know.

And BTW. You couldn't carry Reagan's briefcase, much less unite the country.