Monday, November 2, 2009

Nashville gives away $33,000

I know this isn't much with all the stuff going on, but think about this.

Metro school board members last week voted to spend $33,000 in taxpayer money — but don't bother asking what it was for.

Board members refused to release any information about whom the money was given to or why it was paid out, saying only that it was part of a confidential legal settlement. Student privacy laws, they say, keep them from releasing any more information.

Student privacy is also the reason the school district cites for not releasing hundreds of signed parent forms related to a controversial school rezoning. At least one Metro parent who is suing over the rezoning claims his form was forged.

Both of these instances highlight the legal latitude school officials claim to have when considering whether to make public information about how the district operates.

The above is why we have the national problems. I cannot imagine, say 30 years ago, the public allowing such nonsense. Yet some how, over time, we allowed things like this to become "legal." To become "business as usual."

Wanna take back Washington? Tell the folks in Nashville to take back their school board.


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