Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bend your knee. Drop your head.

That this is happening in Canada is almost unbelievable.

But it is.

Hutchinson's story explains that Mohamed Elmasry, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress--who, btw, among other uncivilized things, believes all israelis over 18 are "valid" targets for Islamic terrorism--"claims the Steyn excerpt denigrated and vilified Canadian Muslims and promoted hatred of an identifiable group."

Hutchinson continues:

He [Elmasry] is not obliged to demonstrate what harm occurred to whom, or to what degree. Maclean's magazine and Mr. Steyn could still be found to have violated B. C.'s Human Rights Code. No proof of damage is required.

Meanwhile, if found to have violated the code, Maclean's faces sanctions, including payment to the complainant "an amount that the member or panel considers appropriate to compensate that person for injury to dignity, feelings and self respect or to any of them."

The magazine could also be ordered to stop publishing certain ideas and points of view. Lawyer Faisal Joseph, representing the complainant, asked the Tribunal yesterday to use its "discretion" and order Maclean's to publish a suitable response in its pages. That, or publish the panel's ultimate findings. Such are the frightening aspect of this case.

"Strict rules of evidence do not apply" in cases before the Tribunal, noted its chairwoman, Heather MacNaughton.

Need I go on? This is a mockery, a sham, and an assault on freedom. And it's going on right next door.

A really good question.

A really, really, really good question.

Denmark recently downgraded the embassy [in Pakistan] and moved out most foreign staff. In April, Denmark moved embassy staff in Algeria and Afghanistan to secret locations.

Moved out most foreign – i.e., Danish--staff? Embassies in secret locations? Welcome to the Islamic world as Western war zone. What do we get out of being there?

Going back a few years we had a President called Wilson. Tried to get us into a Mod 1 Rev 0 of the UN. He was a Democrat. Took a lot of heat from Repubs who said they just wanted the world to go away.

Of course it didn't and we had WWI, the Cold War and now the War On Terror.

In the course of all of this the Demos and Repubs got together for WWII and the early part of the Cold War. In its later years we had Reagan and it was the Demos who said they just wanted the world to go away..

Times change but stupidity is forever.. Fast forward to today where the Demos are still trying to snatch defeat from victory as a political position and it appears that the people we have, and are, trying to help, deserve nothing better than to be left to live in their own hellish countries.

Problem, is they won't and don't. Muslims are flooding Europe and are coming into the US. Part of the problem causing this is that the birth rate in Europe is below replacement rate. i.e. The natives are being out bred. The US is slightly better, but not enough to brag about. Our immigrants, legal and cultural sojourners, aka illegal aliens are mainly Hispanic.

The Hispanics, in the past, have assimilated into our culture. The question now, with the millions coming in, what is the tipping point where they don't assimilate?
Muslims, even with a much smaller number, aren't assimilating and are now demanding Sharia law be accepted.

So what we are doing in the ME is trying to convert Iraq and Afghanistan into secular democracies through military might and the remainder through diplomacy.

Will it work?? Probably not as currently being attempted. Islam is a religion and it is expansionist through both cultural and military pressures. If you don't split the two apart the radical terrorists will be with us forever, and in a world of suitcase nukes and envelopes with Ricin they can have a lot of leverage.

So we have to belly up to the bar and do the job. Can we sustain the effort? Democracies don't do long term fighting very well unless both sides agree. Right now the anti-war Left, the true base of the Demos, have us at a huge disadvantage. And unless the radical terrorist screw up and cause some huge amount of damage it is hard to see the country come together. But it just might over some cultural issue.

That is IF the MSM can be made to be pro-American culture. Right now it is not. As neither is Gollywood or the general entertainment industry.

So that's about it. Hope it helps. Feel free to ask questions.

Now I understand

Recently, though, I saw Tiger Woods in a TV commercial. Mr. Woods, who, like Mr. Obama, is of mixed parentage, is tall, thin, has a pleasant smile and speaks well. As if hit by a thunderbolt, it occurred to me that possibly millions of Obama’s fans confuse the world’s worst candidate with the world’s best golfer. I realize that, if taken the wrong way, his disciples could think that I’m out to insult their intelligence. But nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, I believe that confusing the candidate with the golfer is the best, in fact the only, reason I can possibly imagine for supporting Barack Obama this coming November.

Hey, it had to be something like this.

Lunch time

I don't remember where I got this, but my thanks...

Now if I can just find my cat...here kitty kitty...

Trophy Wives and Obama and the DNC

Watching the videos of middle aged females leaving the DNC meeting last weekend in high dungeon and utter disgust, I must say that I am reminded more and more of first wives who left college to put hubby through, kept house, raised the kids, provided a bit of "whoopee" from time to time.... and then find that they're being replaced by a twenty something babe with shapely hips, painted lips and boobs that demand attention....."Trophy Wife."

You can hardly blame them. They understand that Hillary saved Bill, and the Democrats, by forgiving his sexual urges with Monica... and others. They understand because they too have ignored and forgave. When hubby was at that convention they were changing diapers. When hubby was having drinks with the boys at the sales meeting they were helping the kids do homework.

Now, just as it seemed that second home near the beach with peaceful weekends to enjoy the grandchildren was available they find that the Trophy Wife is to enjoy what was theirs. Worse, they see public displays at all levels to the Trophy Wife's wit, wisdom, looks, intelligence and character... The latter, of course, generates the most anger.

Worse, they see the half votes, etc., etc. of MI and FL as a sell out by the couples friends and family. Abandoned they watch as the Trophy Wife unfairly gets all.

There is a homily that women scorned.... which really should read "people scorned"... but never mind. I would guess that a good 20% of the Democratic base is totally pissed off and looking to revolt over this "divorce."

So go ahead ladies. Do it. After all, they left you. And hasn't divorce been defined as "the screwing you get for the screwing you got?"

Another day - Another loss to Sharia law

in France.

PARIS - A Paris court on Tuesday convicted Brigitte Bardot of provoking discrimination and racial hatred for writing that Muslims are destroying France

The above is where we are going if the Left gets any greater control of the government. The Democrats are completely in thrall to the Environmental Wackos and the anti-war Hate America Left. Not that you can always tell the difference.

In the December 2006 letter to Sarkozy, now the president, Bardot said France is "tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts."