Saturday, November 1, 2008

University of Tennesee Volunteers - some advice

As I close this the game is 10 minutes away.

South Carolina is 5-3, something they are fairly use to, although Spurrier has the trend line up. Tennessee is 3 and 5, a situation that is not mentioned in polite society. And the trend line is flat and the natives are, to say the least, restless. In fact, if this was a movie, say "King Solomon's Mines," the native porters would have run away and we could hear drums in the distance while Khiva is explaining to Alan Quarterman that the news is bad. Very bad.

Now I happen to like Fulmer. I met him in Phoenix at the National Championship game and found him approachable and down to earth. His winning percentage is still better than almost all others and I would have guessed he could have named his price after winning the National Championship. Loyalty counts and he has been loyal. So I am hopeful he and Coach Clawson can work things out.

But when I read things like this, I have to wonder.

KNOXVILLE — There’s no question that many University of Tennessee football fans are worried about first-year coordinator Dave Clawson’s struggling offense.

Clawson said it’s human nature for his players to be worried, too.

“I’m sure that’s normal,” Clawson said moments after Saturday’s 26-14 loss at Georgia. “It would be hard for them not to feel that way.

“But that’s where I have confidence in the system. I’ve seen it work before, and we’re going to make it work.”

Uh, Coach... insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

But, in the full knowledge that he will never read this I am going to offer some advice.

Open up your playbook. Here are the plays I haven't seen ran this year.

A reverse, a double reverse, a flea flicker, a naked bootleg by the QB, a FB buck, and only maybe 5 passes of more than 30 Yard's. Instead what we see is the QB kept in the pocket trying to find the open receiver against a nickel defense. What we see is run on first down and pass on second down and third and punt...punt...punt.

Coach, when the whole stadium knows what the play is then the other team knows.

Let the players play. If we get beat, we get beat. But I am tired of watching someone try and prove their "system" works. Pissing me off by losing is bad. Pissing me off by loosing and boring me is unforgivable.

Obama and Selfishness.

Jake Tapper of ABC has opined this about The Chosen One's declaring those who don't favor high taxes, selfish.

John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic," Obama continued. "You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness."

It's unclear if this was a nod to the Ayn Rand book "The Virtue of Selfishness," with all that the invocation of Rand implies.

It would seem to be, given the themes of Rand's work, what happens when independent achievers are demonized.

Which would fit with this description of those who want to keep their hard-earned tax dollars as "selfish."

Atlas may not be shrugging, but Obama is.

I may be wrong, but I don't think I am selfish. I'd like to ask Hussein about that.

When I spent 10 years in Naval Aviation with low pay, hazardous duty and family separation... Was I being selfish?

As a salesman, when I drove 75,000 miles a year, getting up daily at 5:00AM to see that "one more" customer so I could increase my sales calls and commissions, was I being selfish?

As a citizen and taxpayer when I paid my taxes and took care of my family and home, was I being selfish?

When I scrimped and saved for my children's education, was I being selfish?

When I scrimped and saved for my retirement, was I being selfish?

When I purchased a house I could afford and didn't ask the government to assist me, was I being selfish?

When I didn't buy that new luxury car but settled for a Chevy, was that being selfish?

In all those years that I tried and succeeded in living a reasonable life, taking care of me and mine while paying as much as 50% in Federal, State and Local taxes, was I being selfish?

I didn't think so then and I don't now. I was just trying to do my job and live the American Dream. In most respects I did exactly that. And for that I am happy and proud.

You know Citizen Hussein, I am social liberal. I believe in the social contract. I don't mind paying my share. But you, Citizen Hussein, are planning to increase them beyond reasonable. You have never had a job where you had to succeed or be fired so you have no idea of what it takes to do the ordinary things the rest of us do.

Your biggest fans are those who believe you will give them all they want and those still in college who are so undereducated it should be against the law to give them a diploma and turn them loose on the country.

You never followed a team of mules pulling a plough. You never chopped cotton. You never buffed electric skillets in 110 degree heat on a production line. You never stood a mid watch and you never attended a Requiem Service for a shipmate. You never tried to repair a failed piece of equipment and you never tried to meet a sales quota.

In short, you have never done anything that anyone could actually measure your success or failure.

And because of that you have embraced the Marxist creed and want to criticize me.

Even shorter. Citizen Hussein, you wouldn't know selfish if it walked up and introduced itself.

You want to see selfish? Go look in the mirror. You have taken and taken and you have never given one thing back of any importance to the country or society.

Obama's economic plan explained

Caution R rated language.

For the benefit of you chums who failed general math I present a short video explaining Hussein's economic plans, what the results will be and what will be required to fix the mess in 2013.

Hat tip to Ron O!

Obama's Energy Plan Automobile!

Lucky me! I have won a Democrat Energy Plan compliant car!!

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Obama supporter says Obama is a socialist

Now I grant you that she may not know that is what she is saying.

But here is what she said.

I couldn't invent stuff like this if I had dozen Gollywood screen writers at my side.

Hat tip to Grant M.

And before any of you play the race card I note that there are more whites on welfare than blacks and we have no idea if the lady is, or is not. And either way it doesn't bear on what she evidently believes based on Hussein's proposals.

Obama Terrorists Reporters Privacy Constitution

Hard on the heels of shutting off access to a TV station, who asked hard questions Hussein has kicked three reporters, whose newspapers endorsed McCain, off the campaign aircraft. The LA Times reporter who travels with the campaign notes that Hussein hasn't had a news conference or taken questions for months and admits that he doesn't really know Hussein.

You can throw this in the pot of denied access to his original birth certificate, undoubtedly at Hussein's direction.

Hussein is allergic to questions and obviously doesn't want people probing into his associations with self-identified terrorist such as William Ayers, his preacher the Reverend Wright who proclaimed, "God Damn America" and assorted other convicted felons and people outside the main stream of America but well known in the America Haters class.

Now comes Joe the Plumber who had the misfortune of asking Hussein a question that Hussein answered truthfully. The answered identified him as a socialist and in rapid succession two other sources confirmed his Marxist beliefs.

In the meantime poor Joe had his life ripped apart and examined by, supposedly, the Left Wing blogs. That's half right.

Now we find the state of Ohio was involved.

Director Helen Jones-Kelley said her agency checks people who are "thrust into the public spotlight," amid suggestions they may have come into money, to see if they owe support or are receiving undeserved public assistance.

The suggestion that Big Brother was looking at Joe in such a manner should, by itself, have sent the Left wing Libertarians into spasms unequaled by anything since they discovered Bush had ordered the NSA to spy on foreign nationals whose telephone calls, coming into or leaving the country, were from telephone numbers obtained from terrorist computers and other suspected lists.

But what happened? Not a peep, dear chums. Nothing. Nada. Zero. None.

So suspected terrorist's privacy protected. A political opponent's privacy shredded.

By the state.

Now anyone with a drop of common sense knew that Ms Jones-Kelley was, shall we say, engaged in CYA activities.

Now comes the truth.

Vanessa Niekamp said that when she was asked to run a child-support check on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher on Oct. 16, she thought it routine. A supervisor told her the man had contacted the state agency about his case.

Niekamp didn't know she just had checked on "Joe the Plumber," who was elevated the night before to presidential politics prominence as Republican John McCain's example in a debate of an average American.

The senior manager would not learn about "Joe" for another week, when she said her boss informed her and directed her to write an e-mail stating her computer check was a legitimate inquiry.

The reason Niekamp said she was given for checking if there was a child-support case on Wurzelbacher does not match the reason given by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Niekamp told The Dispatch she is unfamiliar with the practice of checking on the newly famous. "I've never done that before, I don't know of anybody in my office who does that and I don't remember anyone ever doing that," she said today.

Would a partisan Democrat bureaucrat who has donated $2300 to Hussein's campaign have a lower level employee violate a private citizen's rights for hopeful political gain?

Well, it sure like she did. Yes. Yes it does.

Chums, if you have never voted in your life, vote Tuesday. If you have to stand in line for hours, vote Tuesday. Vote to protect the Constitution. Vote to save the country from what will be a regime dedicated to propagating itself. A regime that rejects hard questions by the press and will protect itself by tearing apart anyone it fears.