Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day protests and small things...

It is rarely the large things in life that cause explosions of change... Instead it is the constant drip drip of a leaky faucet that explodes us into action.. Divorces don't happen just because of a single incident, but incident after incident.

States are reaffirming their rights under the 10th Amendment. And not just "red states," unless you consider Wisconsin a red state. Not because they yearn to be free, but because they know they can do a better job than Washington.

Tax day protests seem to be so successful the media and the Left must attack them. In Nashville the media said, "several thousand" when the pictures showed at least 4,000. And other nearby locales took people away that would have been in Nashville. Plus today was a work day in an economy where many people didn't want to piss off their boss by not showing up.

So when I look around for all the grandiose prose and two dollar words, I found none as clearly spoken as this.

If I am "disloyal" to call a 2 million dollar nature path a waste of federal dollars, so be it.
If I am disloyal to ask that all street tree programs be frozen because we don't have the money, so be it.
If I am disloyal to point out the huge disparity between those that work in the private sector and those that work for the gov't, so be it.
Does the State of NY REALLY WANT ME TO MOVE? Do you really?
The thing I don't think anyone has reported about the tea parties is the anger about local and state gov't. If I were king of the world I would fire every single nazi garbage policeman in my township. I would also sell their cars and office furniture. The very idea that we now have people roaming around awarding "tickets" to improper garbage makes me sick.
If you think I am kidding, I am here to say that I actually got a summons from the garbage police!
My tax dollars at work!

The above from babs at The Gates of Vienna

Crowd picture from The Tennesseean.