Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It must have been on the grapevine.

Sometimes and somewhere this week I heard that 66% of the country is under snow cover for the first time in 40 years. Somehow that seems wrong and heaven knows we have too much media and not enough facts, but viewing the FNC weather picture shows cold sinking into Florida, so perhaps it is correct. It is almost the end of February people! Where is Pope Algore this morning? Has the man no shame? No shame at all for leaving his flock shivering in the cold?

Speaking of facts and the media, the daily lack of accurate information is truly staggering. Take this from yesterday’s USA Today and DeWayne Wickham:

The most recent chapter in US-Cuban history when Castro seized power…..The Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 was supposed to spark a popular uprising …… but instead it rallied much of Cuba behind Castro..

Uh, DeWayne old bean. The invasion you mention was aborted when the US failed to provide the air support promised by JFK, leaving the rebels penned down in the swamps with only one road out. They were trapped in a trap of our making with bait provided by the then current “messiah of change,” John F. Kennedy.

Having lost his nerve there, he later had to reject the emboldened Soviet Union’s attempt to place missiles in Cuba and almost got us into a nuclear war.

There’s a lesson in there for the anti-war Left, but I doubt that any of them can figure it out.

But I digress. The point is this. Since the invasion failed, any “uprising” was sure to not occur. People are funny. If they see you losing they are not apt to run around waving American flags. As someone once said, success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan.

And then we have this by James R. Healey regarding hybrid cars and pollution:

“Plug-in cars could increase air pollution.”

The theory behind this that the electricity required will be generated by coal powered plants.. The best is this:

“….so in some regions a plug-in running on its battery is nearly the equivalent of a coal-burning vehicle…”

No study is provided to back this. No mention of smoke stack scrubbers, etc., that have greatly reduced the pollution… no mention that nuclear plants would solve the problem.

I guess Algore’s 20,000 kwh per month mansion must be the equivalent of at least 10 Chattanooga Choo Choo’s huffing and puffing up the grade to Nashville.

I go now to view the future of fiber. Have a happy day. And don’t buy a hybrid in an attempt to save the planet. Do the right thing and consume no power until 6PM when you may turn on your TV for one hour. Hussein will be on display to tell you to have hope for change.

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Tax Answer International Issues

Bump and update:

Exchange Student Starved While in Egypt

Hosting a foreign exchange student is tax deductible but paying for your own, or your child’s, or any American citizen is not.

Or so says AOL tax tips. Why am I not surprised??

Guess Egypt doesn't give out tax breaks.


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I be here.

Here being The West Coast. May I say that United Airlines became Un-tied today, but I think the Chicago weather had much to say about that. Pope Algore failed us again. And may I say that the old Southern Curse, the one that says once things start to go bad they go bad…. Ask the Mayor of Atlanta circa 1864… was in full bloom. Flight cancelled…. Cellphone dies and I bounce my trusty Compaq off he floor..

The cellphone remains inopt but…… the flight out of Denver was First Class….

How much wine can a wine drinker drink if a wine drinker can drink wine???

But the Compaq, despite the CD tray no longer closing and a vertical line on the right side of the screen, is working. Maybe I should call HP and sell them on me doing a John Cameron Swazye.. “Takes a dropping and keeps on bloggin”

Of course it does have an issue in starting up, requiring multiple attempts and an occasional modest shake… Tomorrow to Best Buy.

Pleasant dreams.

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