Thursday, April 2, 2009

Three Stooges

plus one....

Obama bows to the Muslims - UPDATE

Tell me this guy just can't wait to surrender.

The video is from a Spanish network. Evidently no US network will carry it.

I wonder why??


What's wrong with this picture? Americans do not bow to royalty. In my view, when the royal is the ruling tyrant of a despotic regime, the wrong is compounded. Putting aside the breach of American protocol, It is akin to Jimmy Carter succumbing to Brezhnev's infamous kiss at the signing of the arms accord in Vienna in 1979. It is a disgrace. As in Carter's case, Obama's supplicant attitude signifies his spirit. In this respect I distinguish it from George Bush's otherwise embarrasing handholding with the the king.

Anticipating that conservatives would criticize Michelle Obama if she were to curtsy to the Queen, one of the denizens of Democratic Underground posted this interesting anecdote yesterday (I can't vouch for its veracity):

(BUT IS A FACT) In fact, protocol dictates that she not do so.

Angier Biddle Duke, President Kennedy's Chief of Protocol told this very poignant story...

Before the Kennedy's first state visit to England, Jacqueline Kennedy asked Duke whether she should curtsy to the Queen. He told her no because she was the wife of the head of state and heads of state and their wives do not go around bowing and curtsying to one another.

Hat tip to Powerline.

Obamie again embarrasses the country.

Poor England

so far from heaven.... yet so near The Messiah.

I mean if you think we have a doofus as Prez....

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