Saturday, February 16, 2008

It doesn't get any better than this


But you have to ask what the heck was the City Fathers of Reno doing.

Bump and Update.

A lady from Canada commented the following regarding my post, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” I think it is so good that I decided to post it. She writes:

I saw that video on another blog. I did not comment. I'm not even sure I have the right to comment because we don't have this problem here. In my mind my question was: do you need a citizen-vigilante to correct the situation? Can't you call City Hall, notify the authorities, let the proper people do the job? Would it be done if you try it that way?

To get the disagreement up front and out of the way, yes Canada has this problem. The difference is that it is not yet seen by many Canadians. As your larger cities develop neighborhoods, as in England, Holland, Germany, France and others that become de facto enclaves where Sharia law is allowed to control they will see the light. The flag will be different and the results worse.

And do you have a right to comment? Absolutely. We Americans can not claim to be for free speech and then deny others. For better or worse, it is always important to see yourself as others see you.

As to, do we need citizen-vigilante, the answer is obviously yes. City Hall saw the same news that he did, and did nothing. They did nothing because politicians are basically afraid of everything. If they dispatched the police they would lose votes. First from the Hispanic community, then from the fuzzy heads who claim that we need no borders and finally from the Left wingers who, for whatever reason, hate this country. And since so few citizens vote, the loss of a few votes could cost them their jobs.

So while they dithered and blathered, this one man acted. He acted reasonably, calmly and with no threats and no harm to others.

On station

I once saw a video of a religious event in which people spoke in tongues and handled snakes. Now we have members of the Church of Hussein fainting, as shown on this video.


So far it appears to be limited to the fairer sex, but who knows when the boys will start collapsing from the strain of holding up all those “Change” signs and start taking a one up in the mux.

Actually fainting is not all that hard to do. Simply stand up and lock your knees. In about 60 seconds the loss of blood/oxygen to the brain will result in an effective and undeniable faint. Of course the question becomes, will it hurt you?? Well, given that loss of blood/oxygen to the brain does no one any good, I don’t recommend it. But given that these are Hussein supporters, who knows?? You have to assume a certain amount of gray matter to assume damage.

Some have started questioning if these faints are staged.

Doubting Thomas link

I have no answer to such questions, but based on the screams and shouts, I would guess that the answer to:

“Will you lay down for Obama?”

would be “yes!”

And I wonder… I have a friend who confessed to attending some demonstrations during the 60’s. When I chided him the truth, or at least an acceptable excuse, came out.

It was a great place to meet girls, he noted.


The influence of Pope Algore continues as the outside temperature is a balmy 43 degrees. The consumer of my dollars, aka the central heating systems, have not clicked on for at least 30 minutes and the dog hasn’t brought me her sweater.

Smart dog, although I suspect she is a Hussein Democrat. And why not? She has no knowledge of the economic system that provides her dog food, growls and barks at the German Shepard that patrols the yard and tries very hard to be friendly with her enemy, the cat.

The cat displays great disdain for her, except for when he wants something. He will then walk over and stretch out near her. She will immediately run around in circles barking in joy. Yes, there is no doubt. She is a Jimmy Carter Democratic. Ooops, I meant a Hussein Democrat. My apologies to all, but please grant me that it is hard to tell the difference.

In international affairs, it is not known if Hussein’s delegates to the Syrian dictator and Hizbollah supporter will return for a requiem visit regarding the killing of Imad Mughniyeh, the Hizbollah terror master, or if sufficient groveling was accomplished during the visit this week. I am waiting to see if Hussein’s web site establishes a contribution link to help defray Imad's funeral costs.

The house dog will remain in mourning for a fortnight. The German Shepard has displayed a fair amount of happiness. I must caution him that unseemly acts regarding the fate of our enemies are not permited. After all, can't we all just get along?

In environmental news, the AP touts more nonsense regarding 1 meter sea rises and ocean pollution. This is a new high, given that it is a double dip of disaster.

In the meantime, no explanation is forthcoming from the United Nations panels on scare mongering on what caused the Little Ice Age, much less the last real one. I read somewhere that there has been no increase in global temps for three years. I remain hopeful that we are not preparing for the wrong disaster.

On to more important things.

To those who see the Lady Vols loss by 16 points to the Lady Tigers of LSU after leading by 19 points early on as retribution of biblical proportions for their one point win over Rutgers, arguably helped by the officials, I can only say that I do not have a better reason.

And I suspect neither does Coach Summit.

As to the bad call at the end of the Rutgers game, and all the whining that has ensued, I would only note that if you can show me that there were no other bad/no calls then I will accept your complaints.

The foul was called because it was a “hard foul,” not a ticky tacky push or reach in. The referee’s timing may have been bad, but the message was simple. No such nonsense at the end of a game. This is the US and not a soccer stadium in Europe or England.

Bad/No calls in sports happen, just as they do in life. All the gadgets and science can’t stop them. Hopefully they even out. At least in sports. It is, after all, just a game.