Saturday, August 29, 2009

Obama dreads meeting with families of military men killed in Afghanistan

PP - In an early morning interview before he left to attend Senator Kennedy's funeral President Obama said that Kennedy had lived a long and rich life and that though he will be missed we can all celebrate the many great things he accomplished.

When asked to be more specific the Chosen One said that he couldn't think of one off hand but was sure that Kennedy had done something that would be remembered 100 years from now.

When asked if he had any military funerals scheduled he said that he just hated funerals and was too busy trying to figure out to make veterans needing healthcare pay for their own insurance to go through the whole Taps thing.

"I call it the Forced Out Option," he said, explaining it was only fair for those who fought to pay for their expenses. "Try that in any bar in Chicago and the owner will expect you, or your ward heeler, to make things right."

And no, none of the above happened but we all know it to be accurate.

BTW - Can anyone tell me what happened to the demands from the Left that our President meet the aircraft containing the bodies of our dead servicemen?