Friday, February 15, 2008

Rejoice dear hearts!

Pope Algore has heard my pleas and delivered a warm 43 degrees this morning. Thank you. Thank you. My carbon footprint was very expensive in January and February is also looking way above average. But I now have some hope of being able to pay the utility bill with only a third mortgage on the Palatial Retirement Compound.

And if Valentine’s Day comes, can summer be far behind? Since the local utility has hinted at a 25% electric rate increase in May, just in time for summer air conditioning, the answer is a solid, “Yes!”

In the meantime Mayor Bloomberg, he of New York City, has told us the US is starting to look more and more like a third world country. Perhaps if he would get busy and start arresting all the intercultural sojourners, aka illegal aliens in the city that never sleeps, it would start resembling the US rather than Mexico. Sorry to be snippy, but if that offends you, deal with it.

Oh. Wait. He was talking about the economic situation. Here. Let me try again. If he would get busy arresting all the intercultural sojourners, aka illegal aliens in the city that never sleeps he could save millions and open up jobs for legal residents who would pay taxes and not suck up all the welfare money… Who knows? Perhaps his example would encourage other City and State Fathers to act for the citizens rather than the Special Interest Groups that represent the intercultural sojourners.

Nahhh. Never happen.

Continuing my nasty mood, I have read several articles noting that NYC has an epidemic of bed bugs. Others have noted the spread of head lice and TB across the fruited plain. These diseases were almost gone back in the unenlightened 50’s, yet here they are back in play. Am I wrong in noting their re-introduction to the urban masses coincides with the influx of millions of intercultural sojourners…. all without health examinations…. which were required in past years when legal immigration was the norm??

Just to get in one last dig at the environmental wackos, I also note that the ability to cheaply kill mosquitoes – DDT - was taken to save the birds… and now millions of humans die of malaria, yellow fever and other mosquito transmitted diseases in third world countries.

But leaving the above victims to the tender mercies of the UN, I return to my native land.

Recently, however, a large number of individuals have immigrated to the United States from nations with vector-borne diseases. Many of these immigrants are arriving illegally without being screened for disease. As a result, some of them may serve as a reservoir for diseases such as malaria and dengue.

From Lou Dobbs? No. From the State of Maryland Department of Agriculture.

All terrorist take note.

The FISA bill allowing the Feds to listen to/read the conversations/emails of NON- US citizens suspected of speaking with other terrorists outside the US with consuming hours and hours of legal spleagle expires tomorrow night. Feel free to thank the anti-war crowd and the party of surrender for this ability to plan terrorist attacks without fear of being caught.

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