Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bad weather and Trump

Well, the boomers continue, and the occasional tornado.

The bad weather has continued all day. About 2:30 I was chatting with an old friend, Dave T, while keeping one eye peeled at the computer screen. The weather kept on getting worse and worse and I hurriedly signed off just as the nasty stuff hit. Major bang bangs and rain like we were in a hurricane.

No damage but a funnel cloud was spotted to the south.

The secondary issue is flooding. Last year we were shut off from the town by a creek flooding and closing the road. Looks like that is happening again. Memphis appears to have some real issues north of the city and the casinos to the south at Tunica are closing due to flooding.

You'd think a riverboat wouldn't be bothered by some water.

But you'd be wrong.

The gaming law in Mississippi allows for riverboat casinos. That means that the actual gaming portions are built on a barge that floats on a inlet that is cut out from the river. The hotel lobby, gift shops, hotel rooms, show rooms, restaurants, etc., are build around on land around the gaming part. Walkways between the two parts rise and fall as the water level changes. But the issue here is that this supposedly is a 100 year flood and the support portion will flood.

Nothing like laws designed for work arounds. But hey! That's what government is for!

While watching the storms develop last night I picked up part of the White House Correspondent Dinner and self congratulatory medicine show. I missed the part where Obama zapped Trump.

No problem. I have never enjoyed midget wrestling.

And of course the Left is all in a stir. They do love insulting people and they haven't had a fresh target with some pizazz since they took to the Internet to destroy Palin. I mean Ryan is just so plain brown shoe that no one cares if Obama attacks him. But Trump, that's different.

And the Repub establishment, just as they were last November, are eager to jump in and help destroy anyone who asks tough questions and rocks the career boat.

But you know, not one of the storied talking heads, be they Repub or Demo, have answered this question. Why are people listening to Trump??

I mean, he is obviously self centered, always outspoken, sometimes vulgar, often simplistic and according to the aforementioned Demos and Repubs, not qualified to be President.

Yet people listen.

People voted for Obama because he promised change. He hasn't delivered. The Repubs have no one with a better resume. All they can do is claim they aren't Obama and talk about the deficit.

Of course no one really cares about the deficit. They do care about the price of gasoline. Yet the Repubs act like they secretly agree with Obama that high energy prices are good.

We live in interesting times.

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