Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Resume enhancement????

Resume enhancement is a tried and true tactic among many boomer types.

Now we don't kinow for sure where he was born, or who paid for his around the world trip during college. We do know who his friends were......and who his preacher was.....

Okay, here goes. I was at a meeting tonight dealing with happenings in the academic world. I cannot use names, but an exceedingly well informed source told me that he was in discussion with a formerly high official of Columbia University, circa early 80s, and the subject turned to Barack Obama, class of '83. The Columbia man told this source, approximate quote, "Nothing at that time went through the Political Science Department without my knowing about it, and I never heard of Barack Obama."

Hmm. There was a poll taken of 450 members of the class of '83, and not one person polled remembered Obama. And, apparently, no faculty member recalls him.

Urgent Agenda

Elvis, of all people, said it best.

Return to sender....address unknown..


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