Saturday, June 10, 2017

Deconstructing Tomey

I’ve been ignoring my old bud, Dark Avenger, for years. And while you would think that when nothing new is published on a unimportant blog for months then the reader would give up and not visit the blog much less comment on whatever deep  thoughts I have written after a long time off.

But no. True to form he (she?) visits me and, as per usual, goes off topic to attack something Limbaugh said.

Here’s the post with comments.

If you’ve taken the trouble to read it you would know that it has nothing to about Limbaugh or Kennedy or the Soviets. It is just me pointing out that if you believe that your boss has violated the law and/or harmed the country there is a proper way to respond and it isn’t hard to understand.

You tell your boss. And if the boss doesn’t respond properly you call up some reporters and tell them you are resigning because….

It’s called, “Doing the right thing.”

Of course this whole deal was, and is, a lie. It is just politics. That it harms the country and goes far beyond being the “loyal opposition” is the only fact.

But Tomey didn’t do that. When his boss, Loretta Lynch, told him to refer to the Clinton investigation as a “matter” he followed orders.

Following orders as a justification has a long and terrible history. It was the German Excuse. And I’ll bet it was the excuse of Pol Pot’s followers and Mao’s and every follower of every mass murderer in history.

This isn’t me. I’m just following orders.

Tomey had to know when Lynn directed him to down play the Hillary investigation that Lynch was obstructing justice. But he ignored that. But he couldn’t totally do that when Lynch and Bill Clinton had their meeting prior to Hillary being interviewed. But did he instruct the agents to keep a record of the interview? No he did not.

But, to his credit, it did bother him.

So he went public with all the damning facts about her private server and how its use violated the law and he would recommend she be indicted…..Oppps… Of course he didn’t do that.

What he did was decide to put out all the details but claim that since there was no intent she could not be indicted. Which, of course, is horse hockey.  And the Repubs hated him and the Demos loved him. What he had done was to turn it over to the public.

“Here’s the facts, Joe and Jane. You be the judge. My hands are clean.”

And that appeared to be that.  But then enough stuff came to light that Tomey’s conclusions of the summer were suddenly doubtful in the fall. What would happen if Hillary was elected and then impeached? Tomey’s part would be played and replayed and his judgment would be shown to be awful.

So he decided to reopen the investigation. And his Demo friends hated him and his Repub enemies suddenly loved him and the election happened.

I don’t know if the October surprise defeated Hillary. While it didn’t help I think the real reason was that she was a terrible candidate who had worn out her welcome and the reopening just reminded enough people of all the scandals, from Whitewater on, that are tied to the Clintons. Enough people just said, “Enough is enough. Trump may be all the bad the media says he is but he isn’t a Clinton.”

So what is Tomey? Tomey is all in for Tomey. Look at the proof. He now wants to protect the FBI. Really?Yet last year he tossed the question of Hillary’s crookedness back to the voters when everyone knew that Hillary was the next Prez. But when the FBI’s, and by extension his, actions could be at risk in late October, he changed horses.

But then, to make things worse, when the Demos started their crusade to impeach Trump he decided he wouldn’t say that Trump was not being investigated. Look what happened the last time he decided to say that someone couldn’t be indicted. Worse, what would happen to him if the Demos managed to oust Trump? Revenge is indeed best served cold and he could see the Demos just dying to get to him.

So when he could have said, “Knock it off. Trump is not under investigation,” and let the whole thing die, he played along.  What a dog’s life he was living running back and forth between the embedded political power case, the media and the Demos and many RINO's.

But he misjudged Trump. Trump doesn’t and didn’t play by the rules and Tomey has damaged his legacy beyond repair and the Demos have played their trump card to early in the 2018 elections.

"Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them." - Karl Popper “

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