Monday, May 21, 2012

Memorial Day comes

A while back I posted this:


about the Navy's new patrol aircraft. One of the links was of a


 P5M-1 taking off whi h lead me to this

The last night of November, 65 years ago Monday, was wet with rain and fog. A big Navy reconnaissance plane bound from Alameda to Hawaii developed engine trouble over the Golden Gate. The pilot made a sweeping right turn, fighting to keep the plane in the air.

He failed. The plane crashed into the south face of Mount Tamalpais, above Mill Valley. Everyone aboard - eight young Navy fliers - was killed. It was Nov. 30, 1944.


Sixty-five years later, almost to the day, Cerkel stood in the ruins of what is left - pieces of the aluminum fuselage, part of some kind of electrical device, even a corner of what was a bunk bed, rusted and lying under a small manzanita.

From the site, the hills of Marin roll down toward San Francisco Bay. The city itself on this day was invisible under a light mist. In the distance, the San Mateo County coast could be seen, curving away to the south. It was hard to see a single house and there was not a sound.

"You know," Cerkel said, "the plane crashed with such impact there may still be remains here. This is likely a grave site."

On an earlier visit last weekend, Cerkel put up a small marker with pictures of the dead crewmen. Underneath that he'd copied a sentence from the unit record of Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron 208:

"The squadron has no heroes, just individuals and crews who did their duty to the limit of their ability."


I guess that almost all, if not all, of the friends and relatives of the crewmen are dead. I would also guess that few, if anyone, remembers them or thinks of them.

Wouldn't hurt us to remember them in our prayers, would it?

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