Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veteran's Day to build floor traffic??


I don’t know if this is worth dissemination to your blog but I’m sure many of us have received emails about all the places that are offering freebies to veterans. As an example, Sam’s Club advertises free canes to veterans from Nov 9-11th.

You may want to let our folks know that the canes that Sam’s are giving out are very limited in quantity. I went to my regular Sam’s club around noon on Nov. 9th to pick up a cane and was informed that they were out of them, but would have more tomorrow. In checking with the store manager they were only allocated 30 and were giving out 10 per day for 3 days.

That seems like a crock to me. They are making a big deal out of a perceived benefit to veterans that amounts to a crap shoot if you happen to get there before the allocation is gone. Our folks might be better off buying a lottery ticket.

I’m the first to admit that I am not entitled to a free cane and If I really need one I can afford to buy it. But the deception pisses me off.


Thanks. Walmart has changed since "Mr. Sam" died. It no longer is "Made in America" but "Made in China." You have to wonder where their heads and hearts are.

We're both lucky to not need a cane and even luckier still to have the resources, within some limits, to buy what we want. Many veterans do not.

In a broader sense I see a movement by our Congress critters to limit and reduce benefits from those who have the greatest right for our assistance. We all need to call them and remind them they in charge only because we elected them, and our military kept the country free.

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