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Complaining with a mouth full.

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This comment popped up in my "Who shall pay?" posting. I thought it so instructive of some people I am posting it here with my response.

Anonymous said...
You're absolutely right! We should go where the REAL money is and cut off the ponzi scheme of Social Security for all the geezer welfare queens! No more "free stuff"!

Here we have a guy who was birthed, nurtured, fed, clothed, protected, supposedly educated and doctored by the geezers.

The grandparent “geezers” who fought and destroyed Nazism, imperial Japan and communism are mostly gone. Those who fought the Cold War and finally defeated communism are long in tooth and remember friends left in the cold deeps of the ocean and hot jungles in Southeast Asia.

That he has no sense of inter-generational responsibility is obvious. That he is stupid goes without saying. He has no sense or knowledge of history because he was taught no history and he thinks that complaining and whining without a specific complaint and a plan to correct the problem makes him wise and special.

It does not. It makes him what we called a weenie.

But, like most geezers, I believe in the need to instruct idiots in the hope that they can be taught facts and thus become useful citizens.

So I invite him back. Bring your specifics and let’s talk about solutions.

Or else keep on sucking your Momma’s teats and moaning that the world is not fair. Cause it ain't fair.

Ask Dick Simmons and Pappy Worley and thousands of others who died so you have a free roll and can spend your time pissing and moaning..... what they think of such as you.

But be forewarned. You won't like the answer, believe me.

Our little sponger has replied.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Complaining with a mouth full." @ 10/7 @ 8:57CST

The "Cold War"? That's it? That's why we have to support these old geezers and let them sponge off of us for years or decades after they retire to sit on their fat, lazy asses?

No, thanks. I want my money. I don't need the government taking my money and handing it to some geezer so they can watch Lawrence Welk reruns and go fishing all day. Let 'em get a job like the rest of us. You shouldn't get paid for something you might have done 30 or 40 years ago - more likely some things maybe a few friends or neighbors were responsible for, anyway, not that it matters.

As far as solutions, I just gave you one. Cut the geezers off and give me my money back! People are sick of supporting everyone else, and SS and Medicare is where the $$$ is! SS is the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time, and I'm sick of being forced to pay into it! For the few who are disabled or really can't work (as opposed to don't want to work), there's churches and charities that will help them! For the rest, nothing motivates like a grumbling stomach!

Tell you what. You pay back what it cost to raise you and then we'll talk about social security and medicare.

It can be very expensive to raise a child in the United States. For example, according to one online calculator, it costs almost $200,000 US Dollars (USD) to raise a child from birth to age 18. Other sources estimate the cost at $250,000 USD or more. For parents who put their kids through college, tuition can add as much as $10,000 USD or more to that estimate.


Now given that is only to age 18, and only has $10K for college tuition... (Heck, cost of putting a grammar school student in a private school for a year is over $10K...) I'd say the real number through 5 years of college (no one graduates in 4 anymore) is around $300K. You can send a cashier's check or USPS money order.

Don't have it?? Well golly gee, neither did your parents so they did it one day at a time.... Wanna do it over 20 years... that's says us geezers live to 85 on the average.... which is high which is giving you a break on the payment...

That's only $1600 a month at 5%...now if interest rates go up, say to 8% in two years and you have around $295,000 to pay... pony up $2581 a month...

Of course the truth of the matter is that YOU have been enjoying the benefits of Social Security all your life. If your father had died when you were an infant your mother would have received benefits from the fund. That's called insurance. Now, since you don't want any part of social security, then its only fair that you pay back the premiums.... Got your check book handy??? Let's see... that would be around $17000.

Ah, now we come to Medicare. Which, BTW, is not free. Part A hospital stay has a $1162 deduction per stay/per 60 day benefit period plus a 20% co pay.. Let's say someone goes in for a week and the bill is only $12000... That means the "someone" pays only around $3400... Oh, did I mention the $112/month premium for doctor visits???? Say a typical visit is $150. That "someone" writes a check for $30 bucks... and then there's Rx insurance and co pays... hits around $3000... So most geezers have supplemental insurance which pays what medicare does not pay.. Figure premiums of around 250 a month.. Gee that free medicare is costing between $6K and $12K per retired couple..

You sure you wanna come on board for some of that???

Well, since you have been protected via Medicaid for medical treatment all your life if your parents can't pay... How about paying back that $500 or so a month in ghost premiums?? Let's see.... $6000 a year for 18 years..at 5%.....Hey, sponger, when can I expect the $192,000 check????

In the meantime, while you rake up the money to pay so you can get out of the system by paying for your costs to date....

What have you done?? I mean besides going to school and sponging off Mom and Dad... Let me know cause I want to see now you are going to make enough money to replace that Social Security and Medicare you don't want.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Complaining with a mouth full.": 10/7 4:51PM CST. His comments are in italics and quotes.

"Pay back" what it cost to raise me? To who? The government? YOU?!? That's pretty funny, considering that neither you nor the government paid to raise me. I went to private school through high school and to a private university. I paid my own way through college (athletic scholarship and student loans, along with a job). You remember those job things, right? That's where you work for money, rather than using the government to steal it from others and send you a check.

Heh. As someone who started paying Social Security when I was 14 and did so until I turned 65 and retired I find your self imposed kudos laughable. Who do you think paid for that private high school tuition your parents paid?? Oooops! Why your parents who were raised and educated by their parents…. And do you think the tuition actually paid for the cost??? Can you spell donations???? And who do you think paid for the athletic scholarship??? Who built the program?? Certainly not you. Student loans? Well congrats, bozo. I would have died for a loan. My generation didn’t have Mommy Sammy backing my play so I joined the Navy to get my education. What’s worse? Playing a sport and a government backed loan and part time job…. Or flying around the world in military type airplanes doing military type things… Hmmmmm? Anyone ever die from a failed loan? Well, a helluva lot have died from failed planes.

And no, dummy, not to “me.” But pay back to your parents and to those, including me, who made sure your butt was wiped when you were crapping yellow and keeping a bottle stuck in your ungrateful mouth when you couldn’t even focus your eyes.

That’s right, Mooch! This aint no one man show and it sure as hell aint free.

"Ghost premiums"?!? Talk about grasping at straws! My parents never used Medicaid, cause they knew if they wanted health insurance they had to work for it, which they did. I never used Medicaid either, so there's nothing to "pay back". Sounds kinda pricey, too - $500/month for imaginary insurance. Tell ya what though, since it's only an imaginary "premium", I'll send you an imaginary check. Done. "Paid back".

It’s called a “societal safety net” cry baby. And it’s there for everyone and it costs. You want out, fine. Just pay up for you got and won’t get in the future and hit the road.

The co-pays thing made me sad for you, though. You have to pay a whole $3,000-$6000 per couple for a year?!? That would be a dream! I pay almost $1,600 per month for my family's policy, and that's not including deductibles, co-pays and things not covered by my policy - @$8700 last year. Not to mention what Obamacare's gonna do to that. But I'd be happy to trade you, if you'd like.

Like most over educated and under common sense moochers, you can’t read. That’s $6000 - $12000 per couple and it’s after I paid the going rate for years and years for my family’s insurance plus MEDICARE TAXES. It was around $1200/month when I retired, so don’t think you invented anything.

Demanding to be "paid back" for things you never paid for in the first place? Do i get some kind of offset for all of your things I didn't pay for? How about the things I did pay for, like all the years I've been supporting you (and your spouse?) with Medicare and SS?

Hate to break the news to you, but as much as Obama wants to make this a communist country, some of us still believe in capitalism ans paying your own way. If you want something, get off your lazy ass and go earn it, rather than using the tax code to sponge off of me and the other people who work.

Boy, I thought it was the young people who acted as though they were entitled to have everything handed to them. Guess you've proven me wrong, there.

You know, you disappoint me. You want to talk about capitalism and how you want to pay your own way, but you are so stupid you can’t even understand that “paying your own way” would be prohibitively expensive if you actually paid it. Like it or not previous generations built the society you want to use to be successful in. Now it is your turn. Man up. Try your hand at doing something for everyone. Because everyone did something for you.

It's called inter-generational responsibility.

You probably fancy yourself a Libertarian. Think Ron Paul is the cat’s meow. I got news for you, Mooch. Just because someone understands rsponsibility that doesn't mean they think what we have is perfect.

I don’t like our current tax system and I think Obamacare sucks… If you had read some of the blog before you decided to show us how you could open your mouth before engaging brain you would have known that. But unlike you I actually have some solutions for going forward. Now, since you haven’t been able to use that college degree paid for totally by you…. (That’s sarcasm, boy.)… Here’s some thoughts.

You can’t just crash the system. It would wreck the country and solve nothing. That’s what the idiots demonstrating on Wall Street and their dumb ass clones in other places want. They haven’t studied history and they don’t understand what happened to the revolutionaries in the French Revolution. (In case you don’t know, a whole bunch of’em got their heads chopped off.)

So Social Security has to be phased out, or any changes have to. Someone with the numbers can work out a fair plan. But let’s say the end result is a government mandated based with additional investment/savings as desired by the worker bee. Bush proposed something similar in 2005 but the Demos shot it down and Bush’s heart really wasn’t in it.

Now, healthcare. Like it or now our present system has failed. It is destroying the economy by taking an ever increasing share of income from the pie yet many people are under insured, etc., etc.

So we need Medicare for all. Paid for by all with a national sales tax. And no, not a VAT, a point of sales tax. That way we’ll have the dope dealers, illegal aliens, etc., etc., pay for what they get. Since it’s Medicare you get to pick your own doctor, etc, etc. In other words, it ain’t like England. It’s just like we have now except the medical care providers bill the government who gets the money from everyone.

Just think. All of a sudden no more insurance bills. That $12,000 your paying now, assuming you spend $60,000, is $10,200.

Got a better idea?? Let me know.

Now, the progressive income tax. Simple. Let’s do a flat tax. Several plans to talk about. Don’t like that? Do a national sales tax. Several ways that would work.

But don't tell me how you be the Lone Ranger and will just take care of you and yours. Hell Mooch, you ain’t even Tonto.

A very smart science fiction writer wrote this about 1952.


There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

So be ready to pay for the one someone else made for you.

Moocher won’t quit while is behind. He just wants to make it worse. He’s in italics and quoted.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Complaining with a mouth full.": 10/7 @ 8:57CST

Funny - I don't remember you "wiping my butt" or paying my high school tuition. Maybe that's because you didn't do it. Yes, I owe my parents a great deal for raising me and educating me properly. Of course, I don't owe you or any other anonymous geezer jack $hit, because you didn't do it. My parents did, and they wouldn't have bothered to have children if they expected the government or strangers to be responsible for them - this isn't the Soviet Union.

Of course I did it. And so did your parents and so did a lot of other people for you as others did it for me and your parents.
Watch my lips. It is called “inter-generational responsibility” and is one of the basic tenets of civilization. Without that we would be no better than the Plains Indians who expected their gezers to just go off and die. How did that work out?

Simpler. If I cannot expect you to honor my work and my efforts on your behalf, why should I bother? Face it. Kids and infrastructure cost a lot. If I am expected to just go off and die when I become elderly, why should I bother with family and kids? Perhaps I should be like a tom cat and just kill all the baby males. Is that what you think civilization should be like?

And you keep on talking about the Soviet Union. We’re not talking that here. We are talking about the basic concepts of civilization. Did you ever study history?

As far as college, I paid my way. You got your way paid by the government, and that's the bargain you made. You got your college paid for, a nice paycheck, and no student loans to boot. So now you act like you're owed even more than you bargained for? Nope. You got what you were supposed to get, including some very nice GI benefits. Someone you know died in the military? part of the bargain. Stop your whining and quit acting like you're entitled to eternal gratitude for a job you did a million years ago. I am starting to understand your sense of entitlement, though. Why is it that bureaucrats who've fed on the government tit for most of their lives always feel entitled to more? Worse yet are you military bureaucrats who think you're entitled to eternal government benefits and gratitude from every stranger because of something they did (or imagined they did) when they were younger. It was a job - you got your paycheck - get over it.

No. You did not “pay” your own way. You paid part of it, just as I paid part of it. Your school could not exist without donations as well as tuition. And if was a state “land grant” school it was formed on public land procured by the state for the school. My bargain? Yes, I did and I kept my part of it but don’t tell me about a “nice pay check.” Wages were barely above minimum and the benefits laughable. And quit complaining about those student loans. No one made you borrow.

Benefits? Let me see. I could buy a house with a no money down GI loan if I could prove that I met a demanding credit check and stringent income requirements. My generation had no housing bubble because we understood we were expected to pay back the loan.

"Intergenerational responsibility"? Hah! Bullshit. I owe my parents for what they did for me, not that they expect anything from me, but I'd gladly help them if needed. I owe my children a safe home and as many opportunities as I can provide them without spoiling them. I owe it to my wife and myself to save enough so that we're not leeching off our kids or the government. (FYI - It's not "prohibitively expensive" to pay your own way if you're actually productive and you make enough money, which I do). Anyone else? Nope - particularly some anonymous geezer who feels entitled to feed at the taxpayer trough their whole life. But that's a nice way of justifying your sense of entitlement; claim credit for what others have done and then act like it's "owed" to you because you happen to be part of the same generation. Sorry, but just because you didn't "man up" and make enough money to support your family properly into geezerhood doesn't mean the rest of us should be forced to foot the bill so you can sit on your lazy @ss.

Keep trying to sell that argument. Maybe someone will buy it someday. There's a lot of stupid people out there.

Well, we’ve established that you have the conscience of a Mongol raider and an understanding of human history that is, a best, below ignorant. So I’ll just give up on trying to explain responsibility and hope that there are enough of my children and grandchildren to take care of you and yours because there are no way you can do it by yourself.

But you make a lot of dumb ass assumptions. You have no idea as to my financial condition are how well I took care of my family while paying taxes to help take care of you. I mean we are charged to take care of the stupid else they hurt themselves and others.

And looking back and looking now and looking forward I did a damn fine job of that.

Too bad you will never measure up.

BTW - Thanks Yman for dropping by. Kinda dull Friday night. Gotta go now. This thread is closed.

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