Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Security breach or just having to go??

In another incident Sunday, a pair of fighter jets were scrambled to escort an American Airlines jet into New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport after the pilot became spooked by passengers' frequent trips to and from the restroom, ABC News reported.

The precaution turned out to be unnecessary as federal air marshals aboard American Flight 34 from Los Angeles to JFK were able to resolve the situation when the passengers complied with their instructions, police officials told ABC. The pilot then radioed that the situation was under control and the plane landed safely. Three male passengers were questioned upon arrival, but no charges were filed against them, authorities said.

Guess the pilots have never heard of an enlarged prostate.

Maybe the airlines could demand a doctor's excuse.

"To whom it may concern:

This guy will require 6 visits to the john for every 1 beer that he drinks."

Of course the airlines could stop selling beer. Nah, ain't gonna happen.

We had Relief Tubes in the military aircraft back in my youth. You held the tube, fired away and prayed that the line had not become frozen after previous use.

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