Monday, September 26, 2011

Lady Gaga loves Obama

Lady Gaga paid $38K for an Obama fund raiser and attended same. Now that’s a surprise. Not. I wonder when Monica will show up?

New York's superb police commissioner, Ray Kelly, says that the New York Police Department now has the capacity to bring down a plane, under extreme circumstances. Kelly was commenting on the fact that cities, in fast-developing situations, cannot depend on the federal government alone.


If New York comes can Boston be far behind?? And Atlanta and Chicago not to forget LA? San Fran and SeaTac and Ohara too? Somehow the idea of Surface to Air Missiles under the control of the country’s police forces does not flip my Bic. Spread too thin, with too little control is an obvious problem. A very scary and very serious problem. Not enough vetting and too few background checks. Ft Hood redux anyone?

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown as our successful cotton farmer’s son is now discovering, in case he ever forgot. He doesn’t give the answers the Far Right wants and the press, who wouldn’t piss on the shoes of Rick Santorum and company if his socks were on fire, are echoing every attack by the Repub midgets and Obama Lite, aka Romney, on Perry.

Perry is suffering from "not being a beltway Repub" just as Palin did so he can, as she did, expect scant help and a lot of criticism from the so-called conservative media. They remind me of a poker player who is afraid to make the big bet so they try to just hang on hoping they can just stay in the game.

He's also the number one target of the lame stream media. They and their Masters, aka Leftie Democrats, fear a Perry candidacy above all things. And a Perry/Cain duo makes them tremble in their Gucci's and toss and turn in their satin sheets.

Having said that, he's in a fight. Right now he's being attacked by a bunch of candidates who, having little to show except for their support for the "social issues," think they can win by making him as small as they are.

Perry should start reminding them that such things as in state tuition for the illegal alien children brought here by their parents, something I oppose, is a state issue and that as a President he wouldn't have any say in that but he could close the border by providing the resources, something no President has ever done.

It's called "fixing a problem by prevention.” An old Engineering trick. I suspect Perry learned it while flying those Air Force planes around thunderstorms rather than through them.

(Part of the previous was posted in TalkLeft.

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