Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember 9/11 and I will not forget

Moussaoui Arrives at Supermax

I had forgotten about this.... don't know why I thought about it. I wrote it sometime ago..

Not all of those who died on that terrible day,
Lie peacefully in the ground.
Some burned to a crisp and floated away,
Their bodies never found.

The first to die,
In that terrible sky,
Were luckier than the last.
They were gone in a blink,
They had no time to think,
Of what could have been in the not so distance past.

No war was declared, no charges made,
By those who did this terrible deed.
A terrorist's desire, a terror raid,
By those who claim a most peaceful creed.

Little Eichmans, some say, were there in the tower,
And it is right they burn and cower.
Some jumped as the smoke was blowing,
Their sin was they exist,
In peaceful bliss,
Just living, just humans at work, unknowing.

"God is great!" came the cry from the sky,
And the dying sent their loved ones a last kiss.
We've caught a few, but more must die,
And when they complain, we rush to explain.

They have rights! They have rights! And will not pay,
The full price for that terrible day.
For one is unpunished for the lost lives.
He now lives in a cell,
When he should be screaming in Hell,
For the lost husbands, children and wives.

When he paces his cell, let him walk for the lost.
He should know that this is so, he will never be let go,
And he will never be able to pay the full cost.
For he walks in remembrance of the dead.

Man choosing to jump to his death rather than be burned to death on 9/11/01. There were hundreds of these.

A slight different version was published on Sat 5/13/2006 in Talk Left.. thread "Moussaoui Arrives at Supermax in Florence Colorado," at 12:59PM on 5/1/06

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