Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yes indeed, waterboarding works

What a beautiful day for chain sawing! Mid 60's. Sunshine. No wind.

And I got about 60% through cutting up, not cutting and disposing mind you, one tree.

I am beat. As I said. If this doesn't kill me it will help me.

In the meantime I am loving watching Obamie's minions stumble around. They are snatching this whole thing from the jaws of victory. Couldn't happen to nicer people.

And watching the Left chasing its collective tail over waterboarding is truly amusing.

You Lefties are always claiming that Bush didn't do this or didn't do that.

Well, we know that the "enhanced" interrogation methods used on KSM gave them the first nugget of information that allowed them to eventually catch OBL. That's per Leon Panetta, who just happens to be Obamie's CIA chief.

So it occurs to me that Bush did what any good executive does. He turned his team loose on it and then didn't worry about it. He had other things to do.

Now. Show me where Obamie made catching OBL a priority or did anything to enhance the efforts started by Bush.

And while you are at it, explain why if Obamie wanted to catch OBL he wanted to close GITMO and prosecute the CIA people who waterboarded KSM??

Face it. He woke up one day and the CIA said, "Hey we got OBL's location!"

Obamie then almost fainted because he knew he had to go after him or be finished as Prez. (Of course he is anyway, but he knew not acting would finish him.) I mean he HAD to make a decision that he couldn't blame on someone else. So he dithered and dithered, just as he did about the additional troops for Afghanistan.

Fortunately for the Seals everything went well. Now Obamie wants to meet with a SELECTED group of 911 victims.. You know. The people who haven't criticized him for his stand on the Mosque (aka Momument to the Radical Muslims Success) and trying KSM in NYC. I mean you can bet your sweet bippy that no one who might criticize The Chosen One or Queenie will get near a TV camera.

What a guy our Prez is.

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