Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bits and pieces 5-19-11

Well, where have I been?
Doing things like confirming that using the chain saw to cut up trees on the ground doesn't leave much energy for anything except eating and sleeping.

And I haven't used anything except the 14 inch saw. I'm gonna have to work up to the 20 incher.

And just to remind us that tornadoes come in bunches, we had another come through last Friday. This one was to the north of us and didn't touch down but managed to shake down more branches that had previously been ripped off but hung in the branches 30' up. There is nothing worse on an old man than having to bend over and pick up limbs.

I have got the garden mostly in. Patty Pan and Crook Neck squash planted. Cucumbers up. Tomato plants set out. Okra up but looking sickly. Too much water.  Giant Reds, Green Bells and Banana peppers in and growing. Onions looking great and the cabbage making heads. Watermelons and cantaloupes next week.

Discovered something I didn't know. This is a Zone 3 earthquake zone. That means the deductible on the home and contents is 15%, or around $100,000. So if the big rock and roll comes I'll have to transfer $100,000 out of petty cash.

No problementoooooo. Doesn't every one have $100,000 in petty cash??

The county has now been declared a disaster area. We're lucky. We don't qualify for any FEMA loans..... But I was hoping I could get one of those $1500 debit cards they passed out during Katrina...

Obama's bump has become a thump. He's now back in the 46%-49% approval range and heading south. Why is that?

Well $4.00 gasoline, 15% plus real unemployment and things getting worse lead the indicators. Along with that we find Afghanistan in turmoil, we have po'd Pakistan, our supposed ally, Syria is trying to flood Israel's border and provoke an incident while killing its own citizens. Meanwhile Libya is in flames, Egypt is probably going radical Muslim and wanting to attack Israel and Iran is going nuke and has a deal to build rocket launching sites in Venezuela.

Not to mention England is talking about withdrawing their troops from Aghanistan.

Do you think Obamie and Queenie not getting an invitation to the wedding was a clue??

It looks like the smartest man in the world couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions printed on the back of the heel.

And then there's Iraq. Oh wait. That was Bush's war and is look pretty stable. Wow. 

I think you will love this link.

Hat tip to Jim M!

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