Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Ball Girl

If baseball comes, can fun be far behind?

The Grandson has his new cleats, new bat, new helmet. The ground is cold but there is a warm breeze blowing and God's promise to renew the land is on display.

Practice is as the weather permits and "digging one out of the dirt" is more like "digging one out of the mud" but it matters not. The ball hits the glove with a satisfying pop and when I actually make an almost athletic move and catch one I shouldn't he grins the grin of youth secure in the knowledge that he will never grow old.

If he but knew but he does not. And that is good. Too much foresight is a bad thing.

In the meantime I show him this video.

"Play like the Ball Girl," I tell him and someday you will roam the fields before thousands and sign autographs instead of buying tickets.

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