Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And then there was none

The above is a picture of Blue made several years ago. He loved nothing better than getting in the middle of whatever was being done on the table and then just laying down. Floral arrangements, newspapers, you name it and he was there.

He was a Persian blue of uncertain ancestry. He was one of a litter of nine born in a barn. His mother was large, the presumed daddy larger. So large he was called "Dog."

At Blue's prime he weighed 22 pounds and brooked no nonsense from Southern Belle, our Yorkie. However, he would, when in a good mood, engage in endless games of chase and hide and attack with her. And he sometimes brought field mice to be back door as his contribution to the household's upkeep. At times he would crouch motionless looking out the back door at the bird feeder as if he could somehow escape through the door and have a tasty cardinal or jay.

He enjoyed a good brushing and would lay motionless as he was brushed in a vain attempt at removing tangles from his fur. Ear and head scratching would sometimes be allowed and he made a good companion on drab winter days and cold winter nights.

Twelve years and 4 months into his thirteenth year he died of leukemia and I have buried him besides a favorite tree.

He paid for his keep by being him. I hope someone can say the same about me when my time comes.

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  1. It's always hard when a favorite pet dies.
    Dory to hear of your loss.
    Hopes and prayers...