Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin teachers, Democrats, Poerty and why I oppose government unions

What the Democrats are accomplishing in WI.

They're proving that you should never argue with an idiot.

On to other things.

This is either:

a) The teachers of WI being attacked by the evileeeee Republicans.
b) The taxpayers of WI being attacked by the evileeee teachers.
c) The cover of Fantastic magazine Nov-Dec 1952.
d) None of the above.

What the damsel in distress needed was for Buffy the Vampire Killer to show up.

And of course it is the Nov-Dec 1952 issue of Fantastic, a popular fantasy magazine with a smidgen of science fiction. It is just one of the over 4000 magazines in my collection.

Heaven is a place where:

The lovers are Italian
The cooks are French
The mechanics are German
The police are English
The government is run by the Swiss

Hell is a place where:

The lovers are Swiss
The cooks are English
The mechanics are French
The police are German
The government is run by the Italians

Hat tip to Zorba at Talk Left

WI redux?

Democrats may soon be loading up those buses in Madison and heading their mobs toward Nashville. The Tennessee state senate Education Committee voted Wednesday to abolish collective bargaining with teachers.

American Thinker

More poetry?? A bit of doggerel.

Those Mountaineers they have no fears,
With them you should not trifle.
They'll hang your balls on mountain walls,
And shoot them off with rifles.

Time to make something clear.

I don't have a problem with unions organized to represent workers to/within a private company.

In fact, I watched my Dad help organize a location of a company. I can well remember the slurs and taunts. I can still hear a merchant, who depended on us for his welfare, declare that no man was worth more than $5.00 a day. From that day forward we never spent a dime with him.

My Father and my Father-In-Law were Teamsters. At one time I was an IBEW member.

It is beyond obvious that government unions should never have happened and that they are totally out of control with a result that they are making more money than the tax payer can afford and are bankrupting the system.

This must be fixed or the whole system will collapse.

And I find that the idea that a union will get non biased treatment in negotiations from the same people they support and give money to is ridiculous.

That is a pure and demonstrable conflict of interest. In fact, some would call it bribery.

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