Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Underwear bomber and tornados and stuff

 DETROIT, Michigan (AFP) – A US federal judge urged the alleged underwear bomber Tuesday to use a lawyer rather than defend himself as she set his trial on terror charges to begin on October 4.


Edmunds appointed Anthony Chambers, a prominent Detroit attorney, to act as back-up counsel and on Thursday again urged Abdulmutallab to accept his services.

"Have you discussed this matter with your family?" she asked, receiving an affirmative response from the accused.

"Have you received advice from anyone else?" the judge continued. "Have you considered changing your relationship with Mr Chambers and letting him represent you? You know he is a very capable and experienced lawyer."

As Abdulmutallab repeatedly affirmed that he wished to continue as his own lawyer, the judge reminded him that -- even if he accepted representation -- he could always come to her directly with any concerns or questions.

Now, are you ready?

"I understand you may worry about losing control over what happens to you," she said. "I can understand that is a frightening prospect and I am here to listen."

Aint that just soooooooo special!?


You know, if you put those lines in a movie script the Director would toss them as being totally unbelievable!

April 8, 1998

We had a cold front come through tonight and I was reminded of my last close encounter with nasty weather.

I had flown from Denver to Atlanta for a business meeting. The flight in was just short of terrible and I was convinced we were crashing several times. And that was just on the bus ride to the car rental lot. You should have been on the United 727 flight coming in.

I was staying at the Marriott in Norcross. The drive up was complete with flooded roads, traffic stopped, thunder, lighting and rain like it can only rain in the south mixed with some hail. But I made it, checked in, went to my room on the 12th or so floor, called room service and ordered a club sandwich, with pickle, one bag of chips and a glass of Cabernet.

Nothing like those fancy expense report dinners.

Service was prompt and I had just taken my first bite when a voice came from someplace advising that there was a tornado in the area and that all guests should come to the center of the hotel on the first floor for safety reasons.

I had had enough. A bad flight, no food on the plane, a nasty trip up and now I couldn't even enjoy my super delicious club sandwich with chips and a glass of wonderful house red?

Bull shit!

So I kicked back, munched on my sandwich, listened to the TV announce doom for all mankind and watched the rain drive into the window with a back light of continuous lightning.

It was like looking into a fog bank or cloud with a flashing light source.

Very amusing. And there I was enjoying my meal and wine and the show while the sheep were huddled together on the first floor.

Now, are you familiar with those super big plastic garbage bins that restaurants use? You know, the 15' x 15' footers. Dark green with two folding tops?

Yeah. Those.

Well, as I was enjoying the show and my wine one of those bins floated up outside the window like Dracula hovering waiting for the Wicked Witch of the West to come by and take him to the dance.

Hmmmm, I thought. I bet management is having trouble keeping everyone calm. They must need my help.

There is no known official record of time from room to ground floor. But if there is, I own it.

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