Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obama has lost the Middle East

I haven’t been blogging much. The weather has been mostly miserable and I wait for spring with great anticipation and poker is more fun.

I am played out on stupid things and stupid people. The former being that global warming is causing all the snow and bad weather. The latter being the media and other Useful Idiots letting Pope Algore and other Hoaxers get away with their continual lies.

Yes, lies. And that’s a word that I don’t toss around very often. If some one says something that is untrue then it may be that they just don’t know the truth. But the man made global warming minions have to know better. So they are liars.

As some of you know I hangout over at Talkleft from time to time. I have been watching with great interest how many of the regulars are cheering the unrest in Egypt, demanding that Mubarak leave and let democracy in.

Problem is there is no historical precedent showing that a Islamic country can riot and install “democracy.” I use quotation marks to highlight that democracy to me includes Western culture values like minority rights, gay rights, female rights, religious freedom, etc., etc.

I hope I am wrong but it aint gonna happen. I foresee months of unrest under an interim government and then a collapse into a religious theocracy. That’s what happened in Iran.

This could easily include Yemen, Syria and Jordan. Palestine and Lebanon are already there, or so close you can’t tell the difference.

The Saudi’s will try and get out in front, along with the Emirates and Iraq and you have the United States of Iran.

Forget the Shite vs Sunni BS. Think “An enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The radicals will huddle up, pat each other on the butt, line up and win because there is no one to stop them.

Tough words children, but you elected Hussein as President and he has not disappointed our enemies.

I would mention him not encouraging the protesters in Iran for days and then finally issuing a milk toast plea….. but now almost immediately jumping in to try destabilize Egypt…. but then people will say that I am claiming he is a closet Muslim with radical tendancies.

Well, actions speak louder than words.

The question for 2012 is this.

Obama lost the Middle East. Now what Republican shall we elect to try and repair the damge???

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