Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Environmnental wackos from the 30's!

The guy has to wear a space suit but the gal only needs a two piece. I always said women are tougher than men!

That's the cover of Fantastic Quarterly  from Summer of 1950, one of the 4000 or so scifi and fantasy pulps I share my office with.

The story concerns a scientist, much loved at one time, who, when the world won't give into his demands to do what he needs for it to do in order to save it, attacks it and almost wins. But he loses.

As punishment he is exiled into space in a rocket ship that has material in that will always be repelled by Earth... ..... Of course he picks up a girl friend, a side kick and returns to save the world from evil that is destroying the environment.

Did I mention that Al Gore has started a new TV channel and has been joined with Keith Olbermann late of MSNBC? And yeah.... Arianna H has joined AOL.....

Maybe global warming will yet be overcome.

Meanwhile back in the world...

Another Repub Congressman has resigned after being caught doing the really stupid thing of sending his pic to some female who asked on Craigslist for a nan who is financially secure and doesn't look like a toad.

Well, the guy doesn't look like a toad but I am sure he will feel like one by the time his wife finishes with him.

But resign? Doesn't he understand that sex is private.... Oh, wait. He's a Repub and not a Demo.......

And yeah. Believe it or not AOL has given Ms Huffington and Mr. Lerer more than $300 million for "Huffington Post." Good ole AOL. Getting hosed over Time Warner wasn't enough.

Arianna Huffington and Ken Lerer, co-founders of the Huffington Post, are said to be walking away with a combined $80 million to $100 million from an original $2 million per person investment -- but so far AOL stockholders aren't seeing that kind of return.

Since Feb. 1, the price of AOL shares has dropped from $23.85 to $20.89 at yesterday's close.

With 106.7 million shares outstanding, that means AOL has shed $315 million in value over the last five trading days -- which happens to be exactly the same price AOL agreed to pay to acquire HuffPo.

Ny Post

Your friends won't always tell you but the market always will.

And I gotta wonder if the super intelligent executives who did this will actually get their bonuses???

Yes. Yes they will. And that is one of the things wrong with our current management system. The guys who make the big bucks never pay the price. Just the worker bees and the stock holders.

Later. Time to throw some more wood on the fire.

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