Sunday, January 23, 2011

Point Spreads – Jets Pittsburg and Bears Packers. - UPDATE

1930 CST - Did I do right?

There were 9 players left at the final table of the tournament. The chip count was around $1,000,000.

The chip leader was around $300,000. Second was around $150,000. The short stack, who was to my left in 4 position had around $25,000. I had about $100,000. The remaining $425,000 was split about evenly among the other 5 players.

Blinds were at $6,000/$3000 with $1,000 antes so I had about 10-12 blinds left.

The short stack went all in with his $25,000 and 5,6,7 position folded to the No 2 chip leader who was a very aggressive player who had hit a hot streak and had made a comeback from about $20,000 to the $150,000. He called and raised $15,000. The chip leader folded and I looked down to see an Ace of Hearts and Queen of Hearts.

The pot was now around $79,000.

The All In player was a fairly loose player who had made it to the final table by catching some cards. He would play any suited ace and or A 10 and above or pair. The raiser was an aggressive player who would steal if he could.

I gave it a long thought. The All In could have anything. I decided that the raiser had a decent hand and had raised to get everyone else out so he could get heads up against the All In player.

If I could get the raiser out I had a good shot at beating the All In player for $65,000 pot, close to doubling up and getting close to second place in chips. Besides. I could very likely have the best hand.

So I went all in. The raiser thought for a bit and then called. The All In player showed JJ, the raiser showed KK.

I caught a Q on the flop but nothing else and wished everyone good night and cashed out seventh place money. A nice bit but not what I wanted.
Did I do right? I dunno.

I wasn’t really short stacked but close and the money fairly evenly divided between the rest of us. One or more of us was probably gonna double up and that would triple the pressure. I made my decision to try and try to move up on what I knew of the players and gave it a go. It didn’t work.

It ain’t life or death, just money but I still wonder. Did I do right??

8:32AM CST - Last fall I posted “Football truths.”

I thought it to be funny. Others disagreed. The disagreement seemed to be directly connected to the school they supported.
Fancy that. Self interest strikes again.
Anyway, overnight and the post took a ton of hits. It dawns on me that the NFL playoff games are today and anything that promises information is of intense interest.
So I have titled this post “Point Spreads – Jets Pittsburg and Bears Packers.” Let’s see what happens.
I never bet pro sports. Playing poker is my game and one bad habit at a time is all I can stand. (Okay, okay. I have bet drinks, bragging rights and dinners on my beloved UT with friends. But that stopped three years ago.)

8:32AM CST – A minor rant.

I hate it when the very small Right Wing media keep talking about how Obamie is moving to the center while his minions in the FCC is moving to take control of the Internet and his EPA is shutting down coal mines and instituting new “clean air” regulations because of the man made global warming hoax.
Stupid is as stupid does, eh children?

10:54AM CST - What career path should our children pursue??

Anything that relates to REMOVING tattoos should give solid employment in about 10 years.

10:58AM CST - Best musical gadget for geezers.

An AUX input on the car's radio for your MPEG player. I have about 500 songs I like loaded up and I play them and blissfully ignore everything else on the magic machine as I drive down the road. That excludes The Big Guy, of course. (Actually it does, but my Leftie readers will never believe me.)

The First National Rock and Roll Hit

On the road again

More later.

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