Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm baaaacccckkkkk!

So I've been having these computer problems. Plus my back up, an old Compaq that has survived far longer than anyone could have expected, decided to retire after I downloaded MSINE 8. Probably no connection but I am a suspicious type. Especially since the problems with the prime compounded when I downloaded MSINE8. (See, I'm not as smart as I'm sure you thought I was!)

Then ATT did its part by proving that high speed DSL can come and go.

So between screwing around with the toys, going to Grandson's football games, mulching leaves and playing in a poker tournament (finished third, thank you) I haven't been doing what a good blogger does, blog. But hey! I'm a ROF!

So anyway on Sunday PM I convinced ATT that 600 KB isn't 1.5 MB and they fessed up to some "noise on the line." So being on a roll I decided, after the urging of Microsoft, to download some updates. The results? Fatal sytem error and the infamous blue screen.

After doing the usual growling and trying all the self tests, etc., I dug out the Toshiba recovery discs and spent a good part of yesterday going through the complete recovery bit.

Things are better now. All I have left is re-installing my printer and Kodak software. Plus all the content files which I had just backed up a week ago. I mean, talk about good timing.

Plus figure out how to activate MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint which the computer tells me is re-installed but I now have to return on. Yeah, I know. I bought and paid for it and have my receipt but no one is going to want to tell me how to do this.

War is hell in the Internet Age.

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