Saturday, October 16, 2010

Did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor??

Well, according to the ladies of The View, “No.”

At least if we follow their logic. It was Japanese Extremists.

Did Germans execute six million Jews?

Well, according to the lades of The View, “No.”

At least if we follow their logic it was German Extremists.

Of course they are over age, over weight, over paid and way past over stupid.

Seldom has a talking head on TV so exposed the hypocrisy of the Left as Bill O’Reilly did this. What started out as an exercise in crass commercialism… O’Reilly was just hucking his book…. turned into a screaming contest ending as two dames stalked off in high dungeon after O’Reilly pointed out that, yes, it was Muslims that attacked us on 9/ll.

The nerve of him to point out that it is going on 10 years and it is time for the world to accept the fact that it was Muslims who plotted, hijacked and flew the planes and crashed them into the towers, the Pentagon and who were forced into the ground in a Pennsylvania field.

As a country we have become so politically correct that we have become stupid. Worse, we let the terrorists define what we say and what we do. Can’t say “Muslims attacked…. Must say radical Muslims attacked….”

This is nuts. Why? Because by continually doing so we let the moderate Muslims off the hook. And that’s bad. Because it is the millions of moderate Muslims who suffer and it is they who must shut down the terrorists.

But who will tell them?

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