Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 11 per centers of the Tea Party and how journalist distort for their Masters

So we have a poll. Of course we have no idea how many people were asked, their location, their backgrounds, the actual questions or who asked the questions.

In fact we have no actual proof that they attended local Tea Party meetings.

But we do know that the claim is this.

“Eleven percent said that Obama's race, religion or ethnic background was either a "very important" or "somewhat important" factor in the support their group has received.”

Washington Post

Now that’s pretty “loosey goosey” to use to start condemning a whole group of people. Especially since saying something like, “Muslims attacked us on 9/11” or “When I see a Muslim in traditional garb getting on an airplane I get nervous” can get you condemned, referred to a psychiatrist or fired.

But hey! What do we expect? No double standards??

But let’s return to the 11%. Was that 9% “very important” and “2% somewhat important” or was it “9% somewhat Important” and “2% very important?” I mean that is a huge difference.

The health of my wife and children is very important to me. The health of my friends is somewhat important.

And we just don’t know. The results are incomplete and unclear at best. Deliberately misleading at worst.

And which was it? His race? His religion? Or his ethinic background? I’m confused here. He had a Black Muslim father and a white mother. So what’s the difference between ethnic background and race? What is his race? I know he self identifies as black, but isn’t the answer “mixed?”

His ethnic background is also mixed, raised as a Muslim until he was 10 then raised as a middle class child in Hawaii with noted influence from socialist and communist people.

And then we have the religion issue. Was the question framed so that it emphasized that the President’s religion is Black Liberation Theology? Was it noted that his Preacher cursed America while Obama continued to attend that church? Was it noted that nearly one in 5 Americans think he is Muslim? And if it was, wouldn’t that disturb some people and cause a “concerned” type response?


When you ask questions such as this you are asking complex questions that, if you are doing a poll, would require very well defined parameters.

I mean it is easy to see that some people would say, “I don’t give a flip about his claiming to be black, but his early childhood raising and later socialist/communist associations bother me.”

Yet all these questions are just lumped together. That isn’t journalism. That’s water carrying for Democrats.

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